christmas drink?!?!

pprabhuNovember 27, 2001

I'm thinking this year [to save myself some money that I dont really have], I'll make christmas fruit cake and some kind of wine/sangria/alcoholic drink .. that I could give to my friends. Does anyone know of an alcoholic wine-sangria-type of drink that I could present in mid-sized bottles that would last a few days?

I have seen good sangria recipes on this messageboard, but they all seem to be immediate prepare-and-serve type of recipes.

Also, wines require the whole fermenting thing and I'd rather not experiment with it right now since I need whatever I make to work!

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There area lot of home made alcoholic things to make....
Kaluha, Irish Cream....and various liquors.
Also you could make a bag of spices, pack it with an orange and include a split of red wine....with instructions to add the spices, juice of the orange ( or 1/2 the juice) heat and serve with the cake.
Linda C

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I would like to see more ideas like this so I'm bumping it to the top.

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Ok, it's a few years later, but the season is right to revisit this question. Anyone have any ideas for make at home alcholic gifts?


What's your favorite Sangria recipe??

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I have several recipes....but all call for a couple of weeks in a dark closet.
Home made Kaluah, a "Bailey's like" cream drink, several fruit cordials.....and I think I saved that recipe for home made limoncello.
Linda C

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