Bathtub Refinishing

dsf767January 13, 2014

Hello All,

Back again for another remodeling project (the last one!). So my story is about 5 years ago I bought a 2 bedroom 1 bath condo and over that time I have been slowly remodeling everything, the bathroom is the last thing to get done (its avocado green and from the 80's).

I am at a point where I have a better job so once I am done with with bathroom I plan to put the condo on the market this spring, the problem is I had my Realtor come and look at the unit and all the work I have done and while he is impressed he does not think I can get back what I paid for the unit plus everything I put into it.

I am ok with not getting everything back that I put into it (I have saved money plus with his assessment I will still be walking away with some money from sale) but the main problem is he basically said I have to get the bathroom done or its not even worth listing.

Now I already have most of the stuff to remodel the bathroom (tiles, toilet, new cabinet, fixtures, etc.) and my father and I are going to be doing the work ourselves to save on labor (we have done the whole unit), but the one thing that we cant do on our own in the bathtub, I called my plumber and got a price on a new tub + install but it will double the price of the bathroom remodel and I already know I am not going to get that money back out of it.

Now I have read a couple threads on here about this and there are mixed results with a re-glaze, some have said it looks great and held up well while other say its been junk after a month.

This will be done by a professional re-glazing company, if I go this route. I have always done everything the preferred way up to this point which shows in the results on how much the condo has transformed in my ownership, I just wanted to share my situation so you get a mindset of where I am at.

So what do you guys think, will the re-glaze be alright or should I bite the bullet and go with a new tub.

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In my area, re-glazing an existing tub actually costs more than buying and installing a new tub. The glazing price we got was $635 -- for this bath (a secondary one), I can buy a very nice new tub for $300 and change.

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Go to the hardware or paint store and get the Rust-O-Leum Tub refinishing kit and do it yourself.

It is very easy and will save you a ton of money.

When I bought my house, it too had a gross avocado green tub/shower. I needed three of the kits to cover the whole thing. I followed the directions to a T, and it came out beautifully. Use the small foam rolling paint brushes and a silky brush for the corners of the tub. Total comes to @ $100.

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Sophie Wheeler

Sure you can do a tub. Why do you think you can't? Its the better and cheaper option than doing some asphyxiating coating that lasts three months before it starts to peel.

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I know I can do a Tub, that's not the issue here, The Issue is I am putting money into my unit to sell it and by the looks of it I wont be getting all of that money back out, Like I said before I am ok with that, and have planned for that, but I don't want to spend any extra money that I don't have to spend as all it does is deplete the money I have saved for my future down payment.

Just for a sake of reference I bought the unit 5 years ago Once the bathroom is done I will have spent about $15K in remodeling (Kitchen, living room, and bathroom) and while the Realtor said it will sell for a profit over what I have paid 5 years ago with all the work I have done that price will not cover the whole 15K I have put into the unit after Realtor commission.

I was told I had to do the bathroom or it wasn't even worth listing. Luckily for me the work will be done by my Father and I so there will be no labor cost and I want it to be up to the quality as the rest of the unit, however I don't want to just throw money away.

Also for reference sake, I talked to a local professional re-glazer and he quotted me $350 to do the work vs the $1,000 I was quoted to install a new tub.

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