recipies for hot chocolate

baseballmomOctober 9, 2001

I am looking for a good and easy way to make hot chocolate to put in jars for teachers gifts. Thought I would add a mug and a candy cane to stir it with.
(something like the snowman soup)

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I always have this on hand.

4 cups dry milk powder
i cup low fat powdered non dairy creamer
1 cup Hershey's unsweetened cocoa
1 cup sugar

Mix together. Store in cool dry place. To reconstitute, add 3/4 cup boiling water to 1/3 cup mix, or to taste.
For my own use, I make mine with Splenda instead of sugar.

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Your gift idea is a good one. You can also put the hot chocolate mix in a baggie with some mini marshmallows, tie with a ribbon and stick the baggie of mix in a mug with a candy cane . . . Instant Gift! And it doesn't require as much mix as a whole jar. (When there are a lot of teachers, teachers assistants, etc, it's quick, cheap, and easy!)


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A friend gave me this recipe 2 years ago and it has been a frequent request since.

8 qt. Dry Milk
Small bag of Powdered sugar
22 oz. reg. coffee creamer
Small jar of French Vanilla Creamer
Large Nestle Quick

Mix in LARGE container.
Divide into smaller quantities for gifts. Use 3T. per cup of hot water

If you want to make Cappachino, Use;
3 Cups Cocoa Mix
1/2 c. instant coffee
1 T. Cinnamon

Mix Well.
3 T. per cup.

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