Tea problems

maganOctober 15, 2001

I have problem with making tea as far as I remember. When I make in in tea pot, I will see a "map" of something glistening on top of the tea.

We drink our tea from English bone china cups and after finishing, there is dark residu "map" left in our tea cups.

Does anybody have this problem, can you explain what it is and how to avoid this problem?? Thank you.

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Most likely, it is minerals in your drinking water combining with the tannic acid in the tea. It won't hurt anything but you could try making your tea with various brands of bottled water until you find one that doesn't leave any scum.

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That is normal.....it's just "tea powder"....the fine stuff that the strainer or bag doesn't catch. All tea has that.....that's why traditional English Tea pots are dark brown.
Linda C

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A Brita or similar water filter will help prevent the stained cups.

Quality whole tea leaf style loose tea, instead of carpet sweepings they put in tea bags, will give a better tasting brew.

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