Does Bare minerals make your face itch????

Carrie_AZJune 20, 2006

Another thread about Bare minerals...Sorry, But I need to know. I really like the stuff and the way it looks but when I apply it, about 15 minutes later when I am on my way for the day it starts to itch, it gets worse if it is hot and I sweat a little. I can barely stand it. I have sensitive skin, I am 46 with combo skin.

Does Bare Minerals make your skin itch I hope I am not the only one???

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What item(s) are you using exactly?

What do you put under it, if anything.

Their foundations contain the least number of ingredients of any makeup out there. So if you are allergic it will be easy enough to determine the culprit.

Can you wear other foundations?

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Yes ! I'm also 46 and have been using the Bare minerals for about 2 weeks....I live in So. Florida, so sweating pretty much happens as soon as I walk out the door. The itching generally stops after about 10 or 15 minutes though, and I don't get a rash or anything. It's really just more of a prickly sensation; I've never had this before with any other makeup and my skin is not sensitive.

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I have been using Bare Minerals for several months. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product; however, I live in Atlanta and it gets SWELTERING hot here too. If I get in the heat, my upper lip usually sweats, and then the makeup is GONE, leaving a white area above my lip. I tan my body, but rarely my face, so the makeup helps even out the color. So, if I start to sweat, you can see a stark difference in the skin color where the makeup seems to dissolve. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions for this problem??

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I was itcvhy/tingly the first few times I used it and then it just stopped. I LOVE it!

Not sure about the discoloration thing. Maybe use a primer on your lip before applying BE???

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I have done some research and have found it is the bismuth oxychloride in the Bare Minerals could be the reason that my face itches. I am using the fairly light foundation. I put on my face lotion which I have been using for years, which is The Body Shops Vitamin E Daily Face Cream. I then put on the BE Foundation, then I use BE multi-task conceler for the under eye circles, then I put on BE Glee, then the BE mienral veil. I do use there eyeshadows too. I do the tap & buff thing as per the directions.
I can wear other foundations without any problems. I have heard others say it makes there face itch but it goes away. It makes my face itch pretty bad so I do not use it as often anymore, but I want to. It works as far as coverage and it looks nice. I was thinking maybe I should continue to use it maybe it will go away. If I can get through the itching part with out ripping my face off. really it gets bad. I am really disappointed because I like the coverage and how clear it makes my face look. I was wondering if the revv-er up lotion that Bare minerals puts out would help???

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Carrie, you might want to look at Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics, it does not contain Bismuth oxychloride....ues the same method to apply as BE.


Here is a link that might be useful: Aromaleigh

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Hi, I've been using Bare Escentuals for a few months now and every time I go out in the sun my face starts itching and burning. I see a dermatologist and he is sure that it is the bismuth oxychloride that is doing. My skin is on the border line for being sentistive skin. I live in Texas so that weather in ugly all the time. I've quit using the foundation from BE and the itching and burning have stopped.

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I just bought BE yesterday. Last night I went walking in the Miami heat and lo and behold I started itching like crazy in the chin area. So it has to be BE - I don't itch otherwise. My face still gets shiny with this Makeup so I might be returning it. I will walk again tonight and see what happens. I really don't see what the craze is about.

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Gosh, I wonder how the BE would work on me, as I also live in Hot-lanta and have hot flashes, too?

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Hi all - I have never used the Bare Escentuals, but I do have sensitive skin and instead use a very inexpensive clone of BE that I buy on Ebay from Herbal Basics. A jar of the foundation lasts me a YEAR! I love this stuff! I have oily skin and live in hot humid Florida, and the makeup stays matte looking better than most any I have used. It has NO bismuth, and causes me no problems. One thing to keep in mind is to use the kabuki brush lightly, I occasionally get a little temporary itch when I get too heavy handed with it. This stuff is great, I love, love, love it!

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Ow Wow, so i thought it was just me, Behold!! IT was very itchy then i started breaking out like crazy, i learned that it was bismuth oxy, so i stopped and look for stores that sells minerals without this culprit, I end up buying my mineral makeup at, theirs does not have bismuth, cornstarch and talc, now we are talking pure. I've been using it for more than a month now, and i love it!! One more thing that i know you guys will like, they shrink wrap their mineral containers, i know its not a big deal for some, but it is for me. cooool.

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I have used Bare Escentuals (Bare Minerals), Youngblood, and Jane Iredale. All three contain bismuth oxide. The Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals itched THE WORST. Youngblood itched a little bit.

Jane Iredale doesn't itch at all.

The difference is in the quality of the products. I only wear Jane Iredale now.

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BE is overpriced and overrated. You should try the mineral makeup that's sold by several different eBay sellers.

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I have oily skin. I love the way the foundation looks when I first put it on, but in the afternoon my face is icky and shiny. When I go to the gym after work and break a sweat... UGH!! It's EXCRUCIATING!

It is so difficult to find foundation fair enough for me AND provide maximum coverage, which I need due to a facial scar. I thought I'd finally found it with BE, but this itching drives me crazy!!

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I have had a similar problem and most likely it's cause either by the bismuth oxychloride or you if you use the blush all over your face, you could be having an allergic reaction to the Carmine. Carmine is name used for the red dye in the eyeshadows and blushes. It is actually boiled and crushed up Cochineal insects. Lots of people have allergic reactions to this insect. It's also used in some foods like store bought salmon and strawberry milkshakes from McDonalds (there are alot but those are the two that stick in my head). I would research this and make sure this isn't whats causing the itching. If you don't use the blush all over, it most likely is just the bismuth oxychloride. I've decided to switch to Everyday Minerals for the simple fact that they don't use that. I ordered some tiny samples from their website, you have to pay like 4 bucks for the shipping but you get to test like 5 different colors and products. Anyway hope this helps. I'll leave a link about the allergic reactions in case. Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cochineal Allergic Reactions

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I just reread my comment and would like to point out that I am NOT advertising for the other makeup. I noticed it sounded like I was so I had to clear that up! :)

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I found this site that may help some people track down their problems...

Not sure who did it or if it's 100% accurate but thought it could help some of you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mineral Makeup Guide

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OMG, it's not just me.

At first I thought my face was being irritated by the brushes, so I bought new brushes.... didn't work. Then I just thought my skin was changing; afterall it couldn't be Bare Escentuls. It's all natural, just crushed minerals, NOTHING ELSE ADDED. Not to mention that I've never had sensitive skin. This has been going on for over a year.

The other problem was I started using the BE the day after having a chemical peel so I thought initially the itching and burning were due to the peel. WRONG!

Thank God I found this message board. I just placed an order for a sample kit with Everyday Minerals which by the way is thus far the only company I've found that gives you the samples for free (+ $3.95 shipping). If that's not confidence I don't know what is.

Looking forward to trying the new make-up. Will report back on my results.


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My face itched bad when I used it too. I didnt think it really looked that great on oily skin either. Why would I want something that makes my face look shinier?
I dont go for the "all natural" craze anyways.Lots of things are natural that are bad for you.

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NO and I love the stuff!!!!!

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So, I am 22. I have used Bare minerals makeup since I was 20. And it burns my skin in the first 10-15 mins I have it on. I dont know and I am so glad I found other people that know what I am talking about so I dont sound crazy to my friends.

On the info-commericals Leslie says the makeup creates a "warming" sensation when first applied because it is blending with your skin. Ok--and I get that...but it BURNS and it itches, and if I scratch hard enough, I leave red marks. So, it's irritating to have to deal with that. I must say it does go away afterwards.

But--overall, I love it! I get comments on it all the time. People think I dont have any make up on. If you are a person who just needs a little "refinished touch" to your face when you go out--this is the make up for you!

I love it!

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I want to add to last comment I made...

I found that I was having an allergic reaction to something in the SKIN REV-ER UPPER and the Bare Esscentuals BLUSH I was using between to the two, I was definitely causing an awful reactions.

I was in the mall last night for a dinner date, and while we were waiting to be seated, we walked around the mall, and I stopped by Sephora so the I could show them how red, itchy, and puffy my skin was looking and the first thing she said is that I am having an allergic reaction to a combination of something that I was using--because the skin rev-er upper has acids in it, and mixed in the right combination--it can make skin (especially facial skin) break out quickly.

So, if you are having a break out, redness, or itchies PLEASE do talk to someone that KNOWS about bare escentuals so they can explain to you what the exact problem may be.

Because I love bare escentuals, and I want to keep wearing it, but I got to figure out what I have started doing recently that is causing my skin to get all irritated.

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I concur with those who use Everyday Minerals. LOVE it. They have free samples too (just pay shipping...bout 3-5 dollars)

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I've been practically living on some makeup forums, and many mentioned that mineral makeups with bismuth caused reactions such as itching, rashes, etc.

Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals) contains bismuth, so, if you experience an adverse reaction, it is not your imagination.

There are many companies on the web with mineral makeups that do not have this ingredient. I have used Lumiere, Monave, Fusion of Colors and Everyday Minerals, and they are all good companies. I'm sure there are many other excellent ones, as well.

Try another brand that doesn't contain bismuth and I'm sure your problems with skin irritations will disappear.

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I've been using it for years and I really like it. I always apply a moisturizer underneath before using it. This makes it comfortable and look natural. Maybe you should try a moisturizer for sensitive skin before applying it?

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I am 52 years old, have combination skin, and LOVE Bare Escentuals. No itching here (yet!)

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YES. bare minerals will in fact make your face itch. It contains an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride. 75% of people are allergic to it. Its basically a metal by-product, with a chemical makeup similar to arsenic, that was somehow approved by the FDA for use in makeup, medicine, etc. Its shape is crystalline and therefore needs to be forced into the pores. This is why mineral makeup is buffed on, to actually shove it into the pores. When you are experiencing itching or irritation its because your body is rejecting it. If you google bismuth oxychloride you can find alot of information about it. Good luck.

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I have sensitive, oily, rosacea skin and bare minerals have been doing a decent job on my skin, although I do find that with the hot and humid weather here in Hawaii, you do need to retouch it or else it fades or turns to a shine. =(

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My only experience with mineral makeup is with Everyday Minerals and I love it. I definitely get itchy after applying it, but the itchiness goes away quickly. I was wondering if it was just me!!! I'll use what I have, it's nothing I can't handle, because I love the coverage so much.

Here's my tip... it's gonna sound weird. You know those really expensive foundation primers from BE and Smashbox? Well, I heard from someone that the main/active ingredient in those is the same as a product from Monistat: their chaffing relief ointment. So I was in Walmart, and happen to see it, for $5, I thought I'd give it a try. It's meant for your inner thighs and such... so I put a little on my face, just in a test spot, to make sure I'd have no bad reaction, and I did not. It went on smoothly and dried immediately, leaving my skin so incredibly soft!!! Then, put on my mineral foundation and it went on so much more smoothly! NO ITCHING! Must be the Monistat cream acting like a buffer? Makeup lasted all day. Felt fabulous!!

Told you it was gonna be weird.

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Hello I am a BA bare escentual employee, our taining teaches us from shade ranges down to what every ingredient is and does, the tinging itchy feeling happens because the minerals have particals that are a little bigger then other foundations and also dont have the oils coating them, the itching isnt a reaction at all it is from you have some perspiration, and the minerals moving slightly and setting again. will only happen to some, and for a minute or two.

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This makeup (BE) made me breakout into an itchy rash around my mouth and chin. Then a couple days later the rash dried up and flaked off. I stopped using it for a few days and tried again and again my skin became itchy with burning. No rash happened but I'm not taking any chances. I'm returning the product to where I bought it for a refund. I've ordered free samples from Everyday Minerals. Even though the BE itched horribly, I did love the way it looked, so I can'tt wait to try the Everyday Minerals samples.

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So, has anyone had good results using a moisturizer or the chaffing cream suggested earlier?

I have the same itching problem but usually only when I am hot. I spent alot on Bare Minerals and enjoy it the majority of the time. I would love to find a solution but can't afford to play around too much with expensive primers or moisturizers. Anyone else have some great suggestions like katy_texas?

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I don't have an answer about the primer or chafing cream but wanted to thank everyone for their posts. I started using Bare Minerals in December and was fine for a few weeks. Then I started itching like crazy on my chin and neck. I have sensitive skin and now it's bumpy and red most of the time, and it's also flakey and dry. It gets worse at night.

We were afraid that I was allergic to our new puppy so I'm relieved to know it's probably the makeup, which I will now stop.

I wonder if I had been using a cream in December that prevented the itching? FWIW, we're not in a warm climate here.

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I used Bare Minerals for three days and now have a raging rash all over my face. It is itchy and bumpy and disgusting. I found this thread by typing "Bare Minerals rash" into Google, and I am so glad to know what's at the root of the problem.

I found Sterling Minerals foundation online this afternoon. It doesn't have the bismuth oxychloride and it also claims to be ideal for people who are sensitive to mica. I went ahead and Googled "Sterling Minerals rash" and nothing bad came up, so I ordered some samples. Hopefully this awful rash will be gone by the time they arrive so I can try them out right away!

I'll report back in a couple of weeks with my Sterling Minerals verdict. In the meantime, if anyone knows what I should do about the BE rash, pleeeeeeease tell me!

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I have been having some skin issues similar to yours after using Bare Minerals Medium. The first week, everything was fine. A little dry and itchy, but bearable. Last thursday I had a full fledged allergic reaction. My entire face was splotched red and terribly tender to touch or move my face. I had hives all over my cheeks and it was extremely raw from my cheeks to my temples. It looked like a really bad sunburn and it wouldn't go away, even after a days of not wearing the makeup. Here, a week later, I'm unable to wear anything because I'm still waiting for the tightness and dry patches to heal. The hives went away just yesterday. I'm disappointed because I really wanted Bare Minerals to work because it really looked good on me!I don't think it's fit for someone who is highly sensitive skin or dry skin. Oh and if you do get hives and itching, just take some benadryl.

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Yes, My face broke out in a horrible, painful, burning rash 3 days after I started using it. I have not used it for several days and my face is still painful and burning and I have a big, inflammed rash on both of my cheeks.
What can I do to make the rash go away?

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I'm surprised there seems to be so many people on this thread that have had problems with Bare Minerals since so many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons throughout the country actually SELL in their own offices and clinics and recommend Bare Minerals! Physicians also sell other brands of mineral makeup like Jane Iredale, which is supposed to be the most highly refined and the most successful brand on very sensitive skin. The physicians prefer mineral makeup since it just sits on top of the skin and doesn't sink into the pores.

But, just like anything else, there is nothing that is right for EVERYBODY. I've been using Bare Minerals for 7 years and my skin is actually better for using it.

What do the posters here use that doesn't bother them? Or do they just go without? That might be a more helpful discussion. If they can't use the physician & esthetician preferred makeup what CAN they use?

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Yes, horribly. My mom thinks I need to wear make up for my wedding (which isn't happening anyway) and I agreed to honestly try this stuff. This was my first and last time using it. I tried it on my arm (it lasted 15 minutes) and it felt like I had fiberglass in my pores with the itching and even burning/tingling sensation. Stick to CoverGirl if you *have* to wear makeup at all. :) It's cheaper, at least.

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BM makes my skin itch, and last week I had a really bad reaction - my skin went hot and red, and I live in the cold and rainy UK so nothing to do with being too warm! It's a shame as I love the look of BM, I just can't risk trying it again. I will try Everyday Minerals though (if they ship here) and see if that works better:)

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Now it does! I lived in FL forever and I always got BENEFIT brand for my makeup at Sephora. Now that I have moved to Alaska there is no Sephora and Nordstrom is the only place I have bought make up from since I moved here almost 3 yrs ago. I bought BM and started using it about maybe 3 months ago. Loved it! ... BUT now all of a sudden I woke up with my skin being super itchy, VERY sensitive to the touch and its only on one side of my face. I dont get it. I will stop using it tomorrow and have changed my face wash, moisturizers and even shampoo... I have NEVER had a problem like this before with my skin. I am so bummed. If it doesn't get better, I am headed to a doctor.

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Had a consult yesterday and had itching throughout the day. Thank goodness I didn't open any of the products because I will be returning them. I have very sensitive skin and am looking for makeup without harsh chemicals. I was told this makeup only contained 5 ingredients...all minerals! My fault, I should have done my homework before.

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I have been using Everyday Minerals intensive coverage base since I posted here in 2007. They have discontinued the intensive coverage so I am on the hunt once again....

My cousin is using BM and it is working well for her. I'm so disappointed that I cannot use it.

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One thing that bare escentuals does not do is brand bash. The makeup does not work for everyone. Hear it. Listen to it. And shut up. we are natural make up made of crushed minerals. Our original foundation is made from 3 ingredients. if your makeup isn't staying use the primer. That's what it was made for..if your getting oil during the day you touch up with the mineral absorbs oil..maybe some of you should sit down with a beauty ambassador...we go to seminars to become fully educated with our products..I don't use all of our skincare because it doesn't work for me...I HATE seeinh other representatives or women brand bashing...okay the makeup may not work for you but it works for million of women...we are the number one seller on qvc and every four seconds a jar of foundation is being sold! Btw a jar of foundation is supposed to last 8 to ten months..if your going through it faster your not doing the makeup right...and some people are allergic to goat and pony hair that our brushes are made manager still uses her mac brushes from when she worked there..its different for everyone..our product is guaranteed for 30 days and if you react you can return it..I've only seen ONE true reaction and that was because she forgot she was allergic to one of the minerals...there is no talc or dyes so that is false that was stated above...lastly the skin rever upper is not natural...I think I said all I wanted to ha bareminerals has helped me a lot and helps millions of women feel beautiful...if it doesn't work for you I'm sorry you miss out on an awesome product! Maybe try eyeshadows ;)

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Telling any reader to listen and shut up, as the previous poster did, is a perfect invitation for someone like me to reply. I am a 60 year old Japanese female who has used every major brand of makeup since high school. I have used Bare Escentuals off and on from the day they first came out with their product. Love the visual results ... as far as what Bare Escentuals does for my appearance, it far surpasses any other cosmetic brand. Hate the itching, burning, hive-like condition that occurs each time the product touches my face. I am not bashing the product; it's an outstanding cosmetic for those (the majority of the population) who don't have an allergy to Bismuth Oxychloride or animal hair brushes. Having this medical condition does not make Bare Escentuals a bad product -- on the contrary, this brand is one of the best things that's happened to the cosmetic industry. However, for those of us who are allergic, this forum helps us to understand what's going on with our skin and provides a certain amount of moral support in the knowledge that we're not alone.

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I purchased bare minerals matte, and it makes my face itch, around the cheeks and chin, and I have broken out. May i add that i am 46 years young. I have super sensitive skin, and made sure to let the women know who sold me the products. I am returning the makeup this week. Glad to know I am not the only one, but sorry it happen to you as well.

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