hair advice: I want pink tips

michelle_phxazJune 29, 2008

I have very long, very straight, very healthy uncolored/untreated hair that I am getting ready to cut off to donate to Locks of Love. My hair is a light brown and I would love to have a chin-length choppy style with some of the ends colored pink. I have looked through numerous Google sites and most of it is for the product, I can't find many pics of hairstyles.

Would my ends have to be bleached first to hold a bold color change? I don't have a regular stylist, my hair is just a very simple cut so I go to a cheap cutting place that doesn't do color much, and so I don't have someone to bounce my idea off of.

Does anyone have a good site for unique hair coloring? Even better, if you know a place in Phoenix Arizona it would be a bonus!


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Nice that you are going to donate:). Yes, you have to bleach your hair where you are going to put the pink. In fact, when it grows out or fades out, you will have bleached yellowy color remaining.

Sorry, don't live in your area, but I would suggest you get a referral from a very reliable source before going forward.

Best of luck.

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Thanks! I only want the tips done which will be easier to manage and will grow out. I am a researcher, so I will keep getting referrals and info before I get it done. I appreciate your help!

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