Chokecherry or blackberry

PaulNSOctober 9, 2007

I found a recipe for chokecherry liqueur that calls for a quart each of chokecherries and sugar plus 750 ml vodka, shaken daily for 30 days. According to reports it tastes like cough syrup, or at best very sweet, but improves with age. My wife and I harvested chokecherries just over a month ago and made the recipe, using half the sugar. We haven't tasted it yet.

Is there a reason the recipe needs to have so much sugar in it? Would it not keep? It's blackberry season now and I'm thinking of trying the recipe with those. What I'd like is something more along the lines of a fortified wine. What I'm wondering is, what is the minimum amount of sugar to add, to make something palatable.

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I know some people who add no sugar to a cordial....with 80 proof vodka....nothing's going to spoil....but it doesn't taste like a liqueur without the sugar....more of a cherry cordial.
Try can always add sugar!
Linda C

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It's chokecherry season again and I'm glad I checked back in here - GW doesn't forward messages anymore for some reason. Thanks Linda - of course, that makes sense. I'm going to use half the sugar.

The batch we made last fall was sneakily powerful - so delicious you forget you're drinking nearly pure vodka - makes you feel ready for a winter on the Steppes. Not good to send guests home reeling though.

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