Value of X-Ray Shoe Fitting Machine

Jks3613July 3, 2012

I have an X-Ray shoe fitting machine in very good original condition and have no idea what, if anything it is worth.It was used in my family's General Store in the 1940's and taken out of service and put in attic storage sometime in the 1950's when the dangers of X-Rays became more widely known.I have the original manual that came with it as well as a couple of other pages that were inside. Any idea what the value would be on such an item?

Thank you!

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No ideas what it might be worth....but wow....did that bring a rush of memories.
I am sure it would be worth many thousands to the right buyer...but the problem is to find that buyer!!

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Yes, it is a pretty rare and unique item which is making it very difficult to place a value on it. What is really scary is that these things emitted approx 20 times the current recommended yearly dose of radiation, except they emitted that much per minute!!!! The manual even talks about setting it up near the ladies and children's depts for best sales results! Crazy huh?

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wow! We would play with those machines when I was a little kid....really neat to see the bones in your foot. Imagine a do it yourself exray at the age of 6!

Does it still work?

You might want to try to contact History Channel's american Pickers and see if they might be interested? Remember they would only offer you

Here is a link that might be useful: American Pickers 'Got stuff?' page

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meant to finish my sentence. American Picker folks would only offer you a wholesale price since they resell what they find.


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DON'T sell to the American Pickers, they will rip you off! Dealers will pay you about half of what it's worth. Ebay might be your best option but is there any radioactive material still left in it?

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I would be very careful about who I told I had it considering that they are now totally illegal.

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Thanks everyone. Speaking of TV shows, I just learned that they resored a similar machine on the show "American Restoration" and the guy paid them $4700 just to restore it and it was in much worse condition than mine so that was encouraging. The episode was from last season and was called "Apples and X-Rays" if anyone is interested. I dl'd it from iTunes and watched it-very interesting. To answer a couple of questions that have been asked: First off, to my knowledge it is NOT illegal to own this machine! Why would it be? The glass xray tube is broken so it can no longer generate x-rays and since there is no residual radiation in it, it is perfectly safe. Without an operational tube, there is no way for it to create the radiation thus no way it can cause any harm. Lazypup, please cite your source for the claim that it is illegal to own because I have seen nothing to this effect in my research, however, if I missed something as important as that, I certainly want to know! Thanks!

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Illegal to own? or illegal to promote as a sales tool and to allow the public to use?
I find no mention in the many articles about these machines that they are illegal to own..
American pickers are just that....pickers, who take antique and rare items and find buyers. Any time you sell anything unless you know you are selling to a museum or a collector, you are selling wholesale.

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It is not illegal to own.....but they did become outlawed as a tool to fit shoes in a public space operated by the untrained salesman.

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