What can You tell me about this Chair.

stacisantiquesJuly 9, 2011

I purchased this chair from an estate sale of a house that had pretty much not been opened up in over 90 years. This chair was in it and it is in good shape. A little loose in one joint, but I know that can be tightened. The house was full of empire pieces, chinese paintings on bamboo screens dated back to 17900, etc. I think this is a windsor chair, but don't really know how old or any value to it. Cannot find anything just like it on the internet. Any info is appreciated folks.

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From the age of blood-red mahogany finish, ca. 1900.
Not judgmental, I kind of like the blood-red stuff. Just not a house-full of it if you know what I mean.

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Ah, I just love an old chair. Very nice!
And sounds like one great sale to be at. :)

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And likely maple under the stain.
It's a Windsor chair....as Casey said...@ 1900....or a bit later. Splat back not particularly "stylish" as they say of Windsor chairs....not a lot of rake to the legs not large bow to the back.....
But it's still a very handsome chair!

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I bought this Windsor rocker about 20 years ago from Frederick Duckloe & Bros. I've used it every day since and it is as tight as the day I bought it. Here are some things to look for in an American Windsor:
- legs and half spindles are through mortised and wedged, these are denoted by bits of paper.
- seats are usually one piece of wood
- period chairs are made of several kinds of wood for each part such as spindles, turned pieces, seat, bent pieces etc. they were painted to make them look uniform.
- the more spindles the higher quality of chair.
- the splay of the legs and spindles and the proportions of the chair add to its value.
This rocker is a faithful reproduction and is especially comfortable. I could be a spokesman for Duckloe.
Unfortunately Stacisantiques' chair has one of these features. I would probably describe it as desperately trying to be a Windsor :)

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sorry, last line should read ... Stacysantiques' chair has none of these features.

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Sam, your chair is beautiful!

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