what happened to tinted moisturizers?

cindyandmochaJune 26, 2005

whatever happened to tinted moisturizers? They were everywhere last summer, and now they are NOwhere. Olay had one that has disappeared, and now Estee Lauder calls their "airspun" a foundation. Lancome had one too and now it is nowhere. Did something happen with them that made them "bad" for some reason that I missed? I still love the Estee "airspun", whether its a moisturizer or foundation now.

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I use Olay Complete Tinted Moisturizer,,so far have been able to find it on the shelf at WalMart...however if you say they are not making it anymore I better stock up. I love it, very light, yet just enough coverage.
You can make your own tinted moisture,just add a few drops of moisturizer to your favorite make up base liquid.

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Neutrogena sells one and I bought it just a few weeks ago at Longs Drugs.

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Thanks for the tip. I use to could find the olay tinted one rather easily, but I can't find it anywhere around here anymore. I honestly don't know if they'd stoppped making it or not. Since I haven't found one at the drugstores, and never see ads for them anymore, I was curious if I'd missed some bit of news and they just stopped making them for some reason.

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They carry Oil of Olay tinted moisturizer at the Rite Aid drugstore here (California).

Tinted Moisturizer


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Almay makes a "Moisture Tint- Sports Formula".

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