Does Vitamin K work?

syakJune 25, 2004

Has anyone tried using vitamin K for dark circles under the eyes? I have heard of this before and had seen an ad for it at the beauty supply store. I remember it was pretty expensive. Something like $40 for an ounce or something close to that.

I heard that if you have dark circles (besides it being from a lack of sleep) it was because the skin under the eyes was thinner. I don't know if that is true or not.

Just curious if anyone had experience with dark cirlces under the eyes.

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There was an article just today in our paper about this topic. Makeup is your best bet. The dark circles are due to thin skin under the eyes, which allows the bluish blood running there to show through.

On another note: If you're on blood thinners you should not take Vit K!

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