ISO Jello Shooters Recipe...Halloween Party Help

jennOctober 25, 2000

Hi, we were just invited to a Halloween party and want to bring these. Can someone give me a recipe and/or instructions on how to make these. I have had them at a local club but can't figure out what kind of alcohol is in them and how to make them. Thanks!

Jenn :0)

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Here you go! This is a great site. It has just thousands of recipes. If the one I gave the link to is not what you are looking for, then just go to the beverage heading, then alcoholic, then do a search for jello and you will come up with lots of different versions. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jello Shooters

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I have a really easy good recipe that comes out more like a jell-o jigglers so you can make it in a pan and cut into squares instead of having to use little cups:

1 box jell-o
1 packet Knox
1 c. alcohol (I use mostly vodka and maybe some Chambord or Apple Pucker depending on jell-o flavour)

Make Jell-o as per the recipe, substituting 1 c. alcohol for 1 c. of cold water. (don't forget the Knox).

Very easy and always a hit.

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Barb D

Don't forget to add a gummy spider or worm to them!!!

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Here is a tip, I always make them in nutcups, those small paper cups that can be found in party supply stores with the paper goods. They are sometimes called souffle cups. And like Meredith recommeded, the Knox unflavored gelatin is a must!

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