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Jenny_ILJune 19, 2003

I was just wondering what kind of shampoo and conditioner everyone uses. For the last 2 months or so I've been using Kiwi Coloreflector as suggested by the lady who does my hair. It works great on my hair, its been super shiny and soft and smells really good!!

What's everyone else using? Also do you use the other products from that same line?

I really liked the shampoo and conditioner so over the last couple of months I've bought the whole darn line. I really like the Blow Serum as it keeps my hair from drying out when I do blow dry also when I just let it air dry I like using the detangling spray it acts as a leave in conditioner.

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I switch around on shampoos - whatever smells great. I don't spend a lot of money on them. Currently I'm using Fructis - mmmmm the scent is wonderful.

For conditioner I use Infusium 23. I have thick hair that tangles terribly when wet and have never found a conditioner that got all the tangles out without leaving my hair limp. Infusium 23 fits the bill.

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I turned my husband into a hair-care junkie when we met (our first date culminated in me brushing out his shoulder-length poodle curls, deep conditioning them, and winding up with these stunning spirals that fell to his ribcage.)

so let's see- Pantene Pro-V shampoo, L'oreal curl-vive shampoo AND conditoner for every day use,

infusium 23 leave-in conditioner (also keep this in a spray bottle for 'I don't have time to do my hair' moments)

then an intensive conditioner by Biolage that I can't remember the name of

and a squirt bottle of olive oil heavily laced with lavander, geranium, and tea tree oils, that I use to keep his flaky scalp in check (apply, massage firmly, sleep on towel, massage and wash in morning)

the only styling product in the house is sebastian's Moulding Mud, which is TOTALLY not meant for long, coarse hair- but is the best 'flyaway' balm I have found for our hair.

we do not own any styling appliances, and our brushes are matching paddles with wooden 'pegs' instead of bristles.

his hair is waist-length now, mine I keep 'pruned' to the bottom of my ribcage.

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I felt adventurous last week, went for a haircut to a new stylist (for me) and got what amounts to a "makeover" due to the new style. I ended up buying whatever he put in my hair (because I really like the cut) but need to know what I can use to get the "goo" out! One thing he put in was/is Kiwi Coloreflector and then he used a little bit of Goldwell Trendline Shine Wax. Regular shampooing is not getting rid of all of it.

Any ideas? Needless to say, the hair just isn't looking like it should! Thanks!


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Which Kiwi product did he use? Your best bet to get the goo out of your hair (probably from the wax) would be a clarifying shampo. Most store brands have one, I'm pretty sure Suave makes one and they are usually under 2 dollars, no need to get an expensive brand. Try that and washing your hair with hot water also may help break it up. I'm not familar with that wax so I'm not sure, if the clarifying shampoo doesn't help try calling the salon and see what they say!

Hope that helps!

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It was a spray....thanks so much for answering me. Just thought I'd check in once more before saying good-bye to Thursday. I've tried shampoos with citrifiers...was getting to the point of trying Dawn dishwashing detergent!
Thanks again, we'll see what happens! (I know we have some kind of clarifying shampoo in the cabinet!)

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Why don't you call the salon and ask him how to get it out?

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I switch off, never use the same more than a week.
I recently bought Dove's Shampoo,, very good. Now I'm waiting for " Dawn" detergent to come out with a shampoo also.

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I've been using Revlon Flex shampoo and conditioner for years. I usually have a perm once a year (baby fine hair but lots of it) and a gentle colour toner from time to time. I find the less stuff I put on my hair the better it looks - and shines. Go to a hairdresser twice a year and the rest of the time do things myself, including trimming.


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Sharon, I trim my own hair too! Er - sometimes it's longer on one side than the other. LOL

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Oh Rider...That's super fashionable ! LOL. You'd have to pay a lot for that at a hair stylist !


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I have hair that's fair-colored, naturally curly, & fine to medium textured, so it's easy to damage, & naturally dry in our hot & dry to hot & humid climate (central Arkansas).

I was told I needed something with a lot of natural moisturizing ingredients, and I started buying TCB ethnic and Aussie Moist shampoos & conditioners again after using many different expensive salon brands for a year or more.

But, I love Dove's new 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner! It's great for when I stay with relatives & in-laws, or on the go (i.e. at gyms & public pools) all of which where showers & bathroom time are limited.

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weed, I tried Infusium conditioner today on your recommendation. It reminded me of Pantene ... no tangles and I think it might have been cheaper. I'll have to pay attention next time I shop for either/or.

Sharon & rider, I trim my own hair too. Have been since '78. I think I'm overdue for a salon visit. LOL

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A little bit of everything. I have lots of color so I use moisturizing shampoos and lots of conditioners. Mostly Rusk or Biolage. I switch around. For the guys with short easy maintenance hair we use Sauve of their choice scent.

In response to the question about product build up. Probably a clarifying shampoo will do the trick. If it doesn't ask your stylist for a recomendation. Some products are actually treatments rather than a shampoo. If one uses a lot of products in the hair you could use a clarifier one or two times a week...always a good idea after swimming especially for those blondes including natural blonde children.

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