Sonicare Toothbrush

brantJune 29, 2003

Does anyone have one and is it worth the money. What model do you have. I understand that they only last 1 or 2 years and then you have to buy another one. Thanks Debbie

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Been using one for years. Don't know the model number. We have had a couple of them. My dentist recommended them. At first your gums may feel a little sensitive but they get use to it.

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I've had my Sonicare for 6 months now and love it.
The hygenist who cleans my teeth also noticed the improvement. Once you get used to the Sonicare, brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush will be like brushing with a wet noodle.
But--remember to keep your mouth closed when using Sonicare ,, otherwise get ready to thoroughly clean the bathroom mirror. I haven't heard that Sonicare only lasts a year, I know you have to replace the brush heads every 6 months, but that's not a problem.

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OMG. I cannot go one day w/o my Sonicare. Is it worth it? Oh yes! I've had mine for 3-4 years.

I concur with what Dragonfly says about anything other than Sonicare is like brushing with wet noodle.

You know how great and smooth your teeth feel after a professional cleaning? That's how your teeth feel after using Sonicare each and every time.

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I got mine at Costco, much cheaper there. I had some "pockets" in my gums, so the hygenist recommended it. My dentist was selling them, but more costly there. It has made a difference in reducing the depth of those gum pockets. She likes this toothbrush to fight gum disease.

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According to my dental hygenist the new battery-operated brushes from Crest, etc., are just as effective as Sonicare if you're looking for something a little less pricey.

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This is a bit late, but I had to add it anyhow.

While waiting for an Rx I picked up a donated mag (Family Circle April 1, 2003) & found the following on pg. 22 (I removed the impertinent info.):

Is it Worth It?
Electric Toothbrush
"... new research suggests that the best investment is a brush that rotates in one direction, then the other, called rotation oscillation. A study showed this particular motion removed up to 11 percent more plaque and also reduced gum bleeding. Braun Oral-B invented the movement; look for the 3-D Excel..."

I know that when I went to buy an electric/rechargeable battery toothbrush, I read the packages of both Sonicare & the 3-D Excel. I saw the 3-D Excel had more oscillations than Sonicare & they went in a circular & in/out movement. Sonicare does not. The 3-D Excel also included 3 brush heads, whereas Sonicare included only 2. Additionally, the price of the replacement heads for the 3-D Excel were cheaper than for those of Sonicare.

Then Consumer Reports had this little bit of info in a sample of their Consumer Reports onhealth that they wanted us to subscribe to:

Fight gingivitis
"In clinical trials, Colgate Total reduced plaque and gingivitis 25% more than any other brand. Colgate Total is the only toothpaste approved by the Food and Drug Administration for gingivitis."

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I've been using the Oral B for years and it's great. When I go for routine cleanings now my dentist shakes his head because there's nothing for him to clean! He did mention that he liked the Sonicare and I was going to look into it.

Cindy the Crest battery-operateds are like toys - they make noise but they don't do anything. I bought one to take on trips and it's useless. Don't waste your money.

I like the baking soda/peroxide whitening formula toothpastes. I think it's Colgate. It gets the tea staining out.

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Gina, not according to my hygienist. I started using one a little over 6 months ago and the results were obvious at my recent 6-month cleaning. No more bleeding gums and very little tartar buildup.

BTW, I don't know what other dentists recommend, but mine says go easy on the toothpaste. You only need a pea-sized amount. Most people go way overboard loading up their brushes.

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Cindy, I prefer and would tell everyone to use any kind of "power" brush rather than old manuals. But if you like your Crest, you would probably love the more powerful ones.

I picked up a Sonicare last night at Costco - will report back in a few days of usage!

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I've been using a Sonicare for about three years now (still the original brush) and love it. I also use Colgate Total.

My son, who is the original "swipe and a promise" type of tooth brusher, switched to the Sonicare about a year ago. Okay well, I nagged him into it. And even though he does not use it properly according to directions - cuts the time short by a good 2/3! - his gums are in much better shape now than they were when he was using a standard toothbrush the same way. So I know the Sonicare does make a difference!

The only possible downside to using any electric brush is if you still remember the advice that if you have the flu, strep, etc., they say you should use a new toothbrush after you're over it. But doing that with a Sonicare or equivalent, would get pretty pricey! So what I usually do is use a standard toothbrush for the week or so that I'm feeling the most rotten with whatever bug I have, then toss it out and go back to the Sonicare.

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Lainy, sorry, but ewwww! Three years with the same brush? I try to change brushes every three months. Can't imagine using an old brush especially after a 6-month teeth-cleaning.

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Another sonicare user dentist is also a good friend.....and he says "sonicare!"...
And I change brushes every 3 or 4 months....
AND...I keep othr kinds of spin brushes in other bathrooms.....for the quick brush and swish.
Linda C

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Well I started using it last night - boy did my tongue tickle! You have to get used to it I guess. Teeth feel very clean. I liked the fact that you turn it on and it beeps you to change "quadrants" then shuts off by itself.

I'll let you know if my teeth seem whiter in a few weeks.

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Wow, I am really late on this thread but glad to find it! We just got a Sonicare 2 days ago on the recommendation of DH's periodondist and our dentist cousin concurred. They said any model is okay, just important that its a Sonicare. I'm still getting tickling in my mouth :) and drooling a lot, even with my mouth closed :) Can't wait to adjust to that and get more efficient at it. However, it really feels good!

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