What to serve children

gandbbOctober 17, 2005

I am going to trust adults to be able to drink red wine without spilling on my carpet, but I don't know what to offer young children at a dinner party that won't make too huge a mess when the inevitable spills occur. Any ideas?

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Not much that I can think of.....diet 7_up or diet sprite is pretty safe....but most parents don't want their kids drinking diet drinks.
A pretty safe one is white grape juice....but if spilled you will have to get the sugar out of the carpet.!
Depending on the age of the children, I might think of investing in several cute and fun sippy cups.
Linda C

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Well, it's over a month too late to answer this but what the heck.

Pour a half glass of Orange Juice. (not tang...but minute maid or Old South) Top it off with a half glass of 7Up. Then add a tablespoon full of grenadine for colour. It's a Shirley Temple and even I drink them. They're soo good! You can leave the grenadine out if you are afraid of spills and stains. It's just red sugar syrup for colour.

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I'd vote for the sip cups or even disposable coffee cups that you can now get with fitted lids. A child who is over 2 or 3 might object to something that is clearly for a much younger child, but would accept something that they have seen an adult use.

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