Do the sonic jewelry cleaners work?

joannbmJune 9, 2006

I've seen them advertised but wonder if they work. Also,

do they loosen gems with the sonic waves??? HSN was selling one the other day and I have seen them in good catalogs and bad....just wondering.

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I have a sonic cleaner at the optical shop where I work and I also use it to clean jewelry. They do work well, though I think some things like pearls shouldn't be put in them. One person had a small dimond come out of her ring, I guess it was loose and she didn't know.

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I worked in a jewelry store for several years and the sonic cleaner was great. Happyladi was right, you shouldn't put pearls in a sonic cleaner, and not opals either. But it works great on just about everything else. Be sure and double check the instructions for other restrictions, but I remember using a sonic cleaner all the time for great results.

One of my favortie things to do at the jewelry store was to clean people's jewelry. Everyone was so happy when they got their clean jewelry back. Wedding bands were the best - I'd buff them and then clean them in the sonic and could make a ten year old gold band look brand new. And I got to do it for free. :)

A sonic cleaner shouldn't affect settings. If a setting is already quite loose, then maybe it would shake the stone out, but if the stone is actually that loose, better it come out in a cleaner where the stone can be found.

I've never bought off HSN, and I'm suspicious of buying things I haven't seen. If I were you, I'd go to a professional jewelry store and see what they recommend or sell.

If you end up getting a sonic cleaner, I think you'll be glad you did.

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Thank you both...I think I need this and it would make good gifts too.
Lostleaf did you buff the jewelry with a jeweler's cloth that had rouge on it??? curious.

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I got a bottle of something similar from qvc and it worked well for me. But, I agree with the other poster to check with jewelry store, especially if it's worth a lot.

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