How do I make 'knock your socks off great coffee'?

bnicebkindOctober 15, 2006

We do not drink coffee, so I do not know a good cup of coffee from a bad cup of coffee.

But I want to know how to make a great cup of coffee. We do not even own a coffee machine, so I will start there.

Does the coffee maker machine make a difference in whether coffee is so, so and knock your socks off good? Is the taste all in the coffee itself, or does the machine make a difference? What is the best medium priced coffee maker that makes awesome coffee, and the best machines if price were no object?

Now for coffee...what in the world do I buy? If I had several people over, and had no idea what they like in terms of flavor...what are some really great coffees?

Do I need a coffee bean grinder? What ones do you love?

Any advice is appreciated!!!

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If you don't drink coffee, you won't want to spend money and give room to a grinder.
I suspect you are talking about making coffee for a dinner party?
If so I would buy an inexpensive automatic drip Mr Coffee, or Black and Decker...whatever size fits your use.
The MOST important thing about good coffee is a clean old coffee oils please. I can't stand some people's coffee because they either use a pump pot and the pump part is full of stale coffee oils, or the pot is dirty.
And the next thing is make it strong enough! If you make it too strong, a little boiling water will fix it for most people, but too weak and you can't do a thing.
Coffee? Almost any good quality coffee will do for non coffee afficianodos. I suggest you start with Starbucks Breakfast blend for the widest appeal.
Linda C

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i disagree about those cheapo machines, consumer reports did taste tests some years back and found a real difference among machines. If you want to make great coffee cheaply, buy a large french press ( they come in one cup to six cup sizes) and great coffee beans ( starbucks is NOT great beans) follow the directions on the french press and you will do fine.

Now if you want to develop the addiction to coffee that most americans have, I would suggest investing in a higher end machine. the web site below discusses machines and beans and all things coffee:

Here is a link that might be useful: Whole Latte Love

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My number one tip would be to use really cold filtered water. (I have a PUR pitcher in the fridge for drinking water and also use it for coffee.) And make sure your coffee maker is really clean--but don't use soap to clean it. I clean my drip machine with vinegar occasionally, and for my french press I use a toothbrush to clean the filter well.

As for the coffee itself, I use a local roaster's, but I've also been happy with supermarket whole-bean coffee. Even though I don't have my own grinder, I prefer coffee I've ground at the store versus ground coffee from a can.

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I love Starbucks xmas blend, my DH loves an african blend. Everybody has different likes and dislikes. So it's kind of hard to find just one that's going to please everyone. A French press does make a good cup of coffee but it's also high in cholestrol versus drip coffee. Just something to keep in mind.

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Here's some more tips for making good coffee.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee Guide

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I'm with movingwest, drip machines are not needed for someone making coffee once in a while. A press (pitcher with mesh to press the grounds down to pour) or, my very inexpensive method, cold fresh water-bring to boil- pour over grounds in clean glass pyrex pourbowl. Let set a few minutes, then pour into cup through filter. You can even use a teapot if you have, and again pour into cup through filter.
Most coffee machines do not drip hot enough water and the warming plate is too hot and then scorches dripped coffee.

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I vote french press. Watch a youtube video how to use it. No need for filters or any fuss and looks good serving and tastes great for those guests that appreciate a good cup of coffee.
Just put coffee on your shopping list before a gathering and have it ground at the local brew shop and tell them it is for french press. No need for a grinder. Get a 1/2 lb or less and keep the leftover in the freezer. (seal it tight and double seal in a freezer zip-lock)

(i use chemex but that gets a bit complicated)

Here is a link that might be useful: classic french press

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