Krups Il Primo question

anna11October 13, 2001

I have been given a Krups Il Primo Cappicino Machine, but no directions. Was wondering about the settings. I have a steamy cup, then a O, then the froth setting. Does the ""O" setting do anything. No lights are on at that setting. Will steam build if I leave it there or is that off?

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'O' is on/off. You have probably metal lid on the top on which you will put your coffee cups to warm up. It does not work very well, try it. Use only espresso fine ground coffee for your machine. Fill your water container with good cold water (you don't have to measure that as you will probably want seconds. I have two coffee screw on parts. One is for one and other is for two (or double) expresso. Buy (MEASURE SPACE FIRST)(or find at home) a small container which will fit under your spout(s) coffee will be coming out from. I find warmed up metal containers are the best. Before you turn on "steaming cup" do your foam/whip with skim (or 1 or 2% milk) only. It doesn't work well with homo milk. If foam container didn't come with your machine, you can buy metal pitcher for that. It needs to be metal and size has to fit so steam prong can be in the milk making it hot and foamy. For that turn "froth setting" on. You don't have to worry about steam building up if you don't froth. Steam is "shared" with coffee part.

You have to work fast with it as coffee is getting cold. I find that it works the best for just two people. You can do 1/2 and 1/2 (milk/coffee) milk always hot. You can do just espresso (black) or with froth. We love it and it is a treat. If you don't enjoy it, send it my way as I can use second one.
Good luck with your new toy.

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