Can you identify this Ironstone mark?

safesoundJuly 10, 2006

Hi I'm new please be kind =)

I've been searching the internet for a few hours to see if I can trace the manufacturer of a wash bowl and jug, but I'm drawing a blank as I cannot find anything thats the same; plenty similar but nothing identical. I was hoping maybe someone here would be able to point me in the right direction.



Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am confused....that mark is not in the arabic it cryllic?
Can you tell us what you read on the bottom of the bowl?
Linda C

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Linda, I can read it. It says Ironstone on top and England below. It looks new. Can you post a pic of the jug?

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Sure can. I was given this recently as part of an estate sale (dead relative) so I dont even know how old it is or even if its a modern repro of some kind. Thats kinda why I was researching it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Now I can't even open the link to the back stamp!
But the jug and bowl does look new...
How big is it? I can picture it full of roses....but if it's very big that would be an expensive bouquet!...or empty the garden!
Linda C

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I dont think they're 'new new' as the bowl has some glazing cracks and the jug has some discolouration, but they could be new old (IYSWIM)
As for the other link sorry I did some house cleaning on my site and deleted the file by mistake. I redid it so its easier to see in detail (click the original link)

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Did anyone else notice that they are two different patterns? Or is it just me. Looks like the bowl has a rose pattern and the jug has maybe they're different manufacturors.

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I believe you are right.....and the blanks appear different.
Are the backstamps the same?
Linda C

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The jug is probably old. English pottery was marked "England" until about 1932(I think). After that, it had to be marked "Made in England". I think that the "England" started in the late 1800's. Before that, it was anything goes. There are some reproductions from China that don't have the "Made in", but if you know that your relative had the pieces for a while, then in all likelyhood, it predates the 1930's.

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The McKinley Tarrif act was passed in 1891 and stated that all imported goods must be clearly marked with the name of the country of origin. After that time anything had to be marked with the country to be imported into the US. And before that time many things were also marked. the words "made in" were added in 1921.but the custom didn't last very long.
So anything that says Made in England was likely made after 1921 and anything that just said England, may have been made almost any time beforeor after that.
Also items bought in England not intended for import did not have to be marked with the country of origin nor any specific words.
I have a lot of items of English china bought in the 1950's and 60's that say simply "England"....I bought them in Canada and some in the US, at Marshall Fields.
I believe the jug is not very old ( 25 years at the most) and perhaps a Chinese or Japanese repro because it has no name of the manufacturer and a very generic "English looking" logo, with the lion and the unicorn.
Linda C

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I agree with lindac. It's probably not very old.

The mark you showed in the first link, looks very much like one that was on "Antiques Roadshow" recently. I'm not positive, but it might have been the Tampa, FL show. A lady had a very large urn that she had bought in an antique shop, but the owner could not tell her anything about the urn, other than he thought it was old.

The "AR" appraiser said that the piece was not old and the marking is not listed in any book. In fact, the marking was just something to simulate an old English marking on items probably made to sell to tourists. Because of the urn's unique size (it was huge!), it was worth what she paid for it, which was around $200.

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To me, the mark possibly reads "IRELAND" Does anyone else see that?

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