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shwesharanMay 17, 2007

I have been noticing that many women in India, especially Singaporean women, wear an ordinary sports bra with straps and a halter neck shirt, or a sports bra and an ordinary shirt -- the idea is to show off the straps of the sports bra. This actually looks pretty cool. I want to know what it is called? I also saw that this trend is quite a rage in Singapore. It is rather girly but it can look really trendy if carried well. Some of these sports bras have these cute, transparent straps. What are they called?

Would be really nice if someone could answer.

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I think it's a really young look among teenagers. This is how my 14 year old dresses. Sports bra or colored bra and one or two tank tops with the underneath one peeking out. I think it's just called layering.

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I've seen layered tank tops that look good but when your underwear is showing I just figure you can't afford more than one bra. I mean you can get all sorts, halter, strapless, whatever. If you can't get a bra to match the top you are wearing it looks cheap or lazy.

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Bras with the transparent straps have been sold at Victoria Secret for some time now. They also sell "bra strap jewelry". These are metal and rhinestone thingies that clip onto your exposed bra strap to make it known that you intend to show off your bra strap as part of a "look".

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And it all looks trashy. I don't care if it is a trend or not.

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I think my daughter looks pretty cute. The look is demure with her tummy covered. She is very slim and not busty and usually wears either a sport bra or a strapless one under two tank tops. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who is busty, chubby, or over college-age. Mutton dressed as lamb!

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I agree with your bm, the look is pretty tame on a slim teen or young adult.

The chubbier ones with large breasts , that's another story, it draws a lot of attention.

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Barnmom - "mutton dressed as lamb". I love it. Been reading back posts since I'm new. Love your since of humor. Keep posting pl.

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Didn't Madonna start this look back in the 80's?

I don't know; I don't think showing your bra ever really looks good-- I guess it's the same concept as showing your thong (or tatoo) on your lower back while wearing low cut jeans. I don't care if it looks good or how old or skinny a girl is. It's underwear - it's a bra-- I would think maybe college age kids can get away with it (it's considered sexy IMHO - not cute)... but anyone younger is too young, and anyone much older is just too old.

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This reminded me of an event that I still laugh about...about 8 years ago (and Madonna was "in") I went to a "outdoor barbeque's show" . One woman in line for the meal really got a lot of attention, and apparently it upset her. In fact she was right, people were talking about her. She turned around to people already seated in the benches with their dinner and said,"why are you all talking about me?" (she was in her I'd say early 40.s) I couldn't stand it any longer, so I told her, "if you didn't want all this attention you shouldn't have worn your bra on the outside of your tank top-so you must want the attention." True story. Now the tank and bra were both blue, bra pink. Plus both were lacy...but it seems so strange for someone to get upset about what should be "common sense" to me...Any way she settled herself down. Just had to share.

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straycat, that is funny; where did she get the idea that it was a good thing to do.

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