Vintage Appliance Restoration Services

Michael AndersonJuly 16, 2008

I have two, 1940's vintage, O'Keefe & Merritt stoves. I use one of them daily, the other was (initially) for parts, however; it is complete, but in need of a lot of repair and cleanup. The one I use in my home is clean, in pretty good shape, but is missing some components, and needs some minor repairs.

This brings me to my question, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and am looking for companies in Texas (hopefully in the DFW area), who are in the business of restoring and revitalizing old appliances. I'm looking for them to do everything from re-porcelaining and re-chroming components, to reworking the burners, thermostats, etc... Basically a complete overhaul.

I have found a few companies online who offer these services, but all seem to be in Georgia, California, or other faraway places. The restoration is likely to be an expensive proposition to begin with, so finding a local company would at least keep the shipping costs down...

If you know of a company, please forward on their name, and if possible their contact information (web searches have had limited results). Any advice that anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated...!

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Try Craigslist.

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One place to try is Arrow Appliance in Arlington. Number is 817-860-1336. They used to have a show room of vintage appliances next to Campo Verde resturant. There are a couple of places in Dallas that repair porcelain and change colors but I know none that restore vintage appliances. If Arrow no longer restores appliances, perhaps they can reccomend some one.

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Michael Anderson

Thanks for the info thus far... will give both a try

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