Diamond Manicure

faflenMay 10, 2006

Does anyone know what a diamond manicure is? I've never let anyone put acrylics or anything fake on my nails. Last week my salon convinced me to try a "diamond manicure" using some kind of powder.

My manicure has stayed remarkably good but I'm wondering how I take the stuff off my nails if I want to. The salon told me when my nail grows out to come back in for a "fill." Sounds like acrylics to me.

Have I been misled?

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It sure sounds that way! But I did find this info:

What are diamond nails?

Diamond nails are another form of acrylic. They are strong and durable like acrylic, except with less odor. They are applied by brushing a resin glue on to the nails and then dipping the nail in to diamond powder. They 're virtually odorless except for the catalyst spray that is used to dry the glue. They can be applied over the natural nail or any plastic tip, but are not recommended for sculpting. Diamond nails can be worn with or without polish. Diamond nail can be removed using 100% acetone. Note: Diamond nails will not damage your real nails when it is removed like acrylic nails.

Here is a link that might be useful: Q&A

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Thanks for the info barnmom. I guess I'll let these grow out a bit and when it's time to get a "fill," I'll just remove it myself and go back to my natural (boring) nails!

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