Is Kenmore Refrigerator 7160 made by LG?

cjrosaphileJanuary 2, 2011

We just bought a Kenmore 7160 fridge and were wondering if it was made my LG. Haven't heard good things about LG fridges. . .

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Here is a site that helps identify which manufacturer makes what models of Kenmore. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Who makes Kenmore

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I don't understand the "Who makes Kenmore" list... Here is the model number of the referenced refrigerator:

Sears Item# 04671609000 : Model# 71609

I don't see any entries in the "Who makes Kenmore" that match any part of the Sears Item#. Am I missing something?

We're checking out the current Sears sale on Kenmore appliances, and this list (if accurate or current) would be very helpful.


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This link shows very clearly where the number you want is located on the id label of your appliance. If it is still not found in the listing, perhaps the maker has just started doing work for Sears.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore makers

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Is this model a Kenmore Elite, 25 cubic feet, french door/bottom freezer with no door ice/water dispenser? If so, we installed the stainless version of this fridge in our new kitchen a few months ago. We were told that it was made by LG.

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Having recently checked the fridges in Sears, every Kenmore branded French door fridge is made by LG.

I will not buy an LG, due to my daughter having major issues with 2 of her LGs. Her first one had the infamous melting lightbulbs, and the replacement, which LG supplied 4 years ago, no longer had a control board replacement available. No more LG. Too bad, they make a nice looking fridge.


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Is this certain that its an LG? I'm about to purchase one online for my kitchen remodel.

I was under the impression it was closely related to a series of kitchenaid/fridgidare/whirlpool models. The only real difference we've found between them (besides door handles) is a difference in the icemaker.

Consumer Reps loves the 7160 so I'm inclined to follow their lead.

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The model label on the appliance needs to be checked to confirm the full model number. Catalog numbers on Sears web site, store ads, and such are not the full model number.

Full model numbers are typically in the syntax

The first three digits, before the period, indicate the manufacturer source.

In the discussion above regarding model 71609, the FULL model is one of the following.

795 is a code for LG.

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