ISO Wine Help - What's Still Good & What Should be Chucked?

goldgirlOctober 24, 2005

Hi Everyone - we're moving in a couple of weeks and packing up bottles and bottles of wine that we can't drink fast enough ;)

Are there general rules of thumb regarding what wines are okay to keep for years and what needs to be drunk immediately or within a couple of years? We receive so much wine as gifts and lose track of age.

I'm assuming our reds would be okay, but we have bottles of various whites and merlots that I'm not sure are still good.


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Some whites keep well....most do not.
I would invite friends to help you pack and have a cooler full of white wines. Open it taste it....toss it or drink it.
Most of the reds should be fine....but not necessarily.
I trust they have been stored on their sides in a cool place?
Linda C

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