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sjhockeyfan325January 28, 2014

We are installing a short (12") grab bar outside the tub in the hall bathroom and outside the shower in the master bathroom. Three questions -

1) how high from the floor should they be installed
2) should they be angled or straight up and down
3) should they be at the same end as the shower controls (which in both cases is also nearer to where the towels will be hung), or the "far" end?


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I went through this while planning our MB shower. I have bad knees, and am on the waiting list for knee surgery sometime this year. So, I know that my mobility issues will only probably get worse as I age.

I found the info in this Canadian study useful. We ended up buying 2 X 24" bars from Moen. (Moen Home Care Designer Elegance Grip Pads Securemount Grab Bars) I also researched which bars would be best. Haven't installed or used them yet, but the fact that they have rubber grip pads on the back seem to make sense re gripability especially when hands/bars are wet.

Here is a pic of the wood blocking for the two bars. One will be just inside the entry doorway, the other at a 45 degree angle to facilitate getting up and down on the teak stool. I brought the stool in and mocked where I would grab.

Here is a link that might be useful: Govt study on grab bar placement.

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Thanks - that was very helpful.

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We are in the process of installing Moen grab bars, exact as raehelen posted. Each is 27 inches long. We are not that senior, and I really do not like the "Nursing Home look" grab bar projects, but we decided to get the installation done now instead of worrying about it later.

Our contractor said the height of a grab bar is usually 36 inches above shower floor, yet, it depends on homeowner's preference.

There is information regarding Installing grab bars on the net. I recall I read that horizontal installation is better than angled.

We have one installed between two shower heads in the MB. The one in the guest bathroom is between shower head and control switch which are in the opposite ends of the shower.

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