Samy Hair products

Wanda_ETXMay 17, 2003

Has anyone out there used any of the Samy hair products for volume.

I'm considering order some from HSN. Your comments will be apppreciated?

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Sorry don't know anything about Samy products.

Perhaps if you asked some specific questions someone could help you out with other product info. Like what your hair texture is, length, what you use know etc. Everyone's hair doesn't respond to the same products the same way.

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I was really just hoping for some general feedback or reviews.

I was surprised that the amount of people that have read my post versus the few replies.

Personally, I have been considering ordering the product that makes flat, thin hair full with volume in just a few seconds of Samy massaging the product into the hair. It's amazing.

Then, of course, they had another product (Not Samy) on this past week that was "microfibers" of powder that would attach themselves to your hair to create great volume!? I'm not really sue about that one.

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Save your money, it didn't work anything like it shows on TV!

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I've never heard of the products so I don't have any info on them, but I was just curious about the comment you made.

"I was surprised that the amount of people that have read my post versus the few replies. "

I'm not trying to be rude or anything just curious as to how you know how many people have read the post?? I mean are you just guessing or is there a way to tell? Maybe I'm just missing something! :o)

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Wanda - Sorry am posting so late to your question but just came upon this site. Tried Samy (the whole line) a few months ago but from my experience, it doesn't work any better than anything you would buy at the local drug store. To answer your question about the microfibers, they are not easy to work with. Tried that as well. After you do apply the product you have to worry that the powder doesn't drift down to your face. I would advise you to save your money.

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I have tried the Samy products. I like them, after using them for a while your hair is in better condition. They used to make linseed oil volumizing ampules. They work great, but I can't find them any more. Does anyone know where I might get them? My hair is extremely fine and thin. They may have changed the product or discontinued it. It works magic on my hair, so I hope someone knows how to get it.

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