Are these buttons old?? (or just different)

justlindaJuly 6, 2011

Found these buttons today, and have never seen anything like them before. There are 5 altogether, 2 seem to be sort of cufflinks, but the other 3 are a puzzle to me. BTW, they seem to be women's buttons as they all have the same "flower" design.

The back shank seems to be a sort of pin and when pushed comes out the other end. It is spring-loaded.

Has anyone seen something like this, and if so, is there a special name for these buttons?


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They are studs....meant to be used on a shirt with 2 button holes.....common on a man's formal shirt....but also sometimes seen on women's blouses.

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Can be used as cuff links on french cuffs.

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No they can't....
Cufflinks have more space for the layers of fabric involved in a French cuff shirt

Here is a link that might be useful: Men's formal set.

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Umm....I knew that.....just kidding. I have never seen such a contraption before, but sure makes it easy to find when you know what they are! Thanks :)

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Removable buttons for a woman's blouse, because dry cleaners RUIN buttons or steal the expensive ones, or so you can move buttons between blouses.

My fashionista aunt had several sets. They slide through a hole in the under layer, and button normally though a buttonhole.

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They look more like buttons for a woman's blouse as lazy said. It is unlikely that a man would have had flower studs-at least none that have come down through our family and we have some from the late 1800s. I think they would be fun to have!

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