dark circles

robbyrobMay 20, 2007

Hello All,

Has anyone used a product that works well on dark circles under the eyes? I'm 44 and have pretty good skin but if I don't get a good nights sleep (blame it on being pre-menopausal!) I get dark circles. Any tips on good products is appreciated. Thanks!

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Use a concealer with a yellow base. The yellow counter the purple under the eye that dark circles have. Avoid the concealers that are white-ish, as they draw attention to the problem rather than hide it.

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I already used Dermablend concealer, which I recommend above any other but Avon's Anew Clinical Eye Lift has done wonders for my allergy & lack of sleep circles and bags. In the past month, I've pulled 2 all-nighters and still managed to look 1/2 decent. In the past, I've tried several others (one by L'Oreal, a Vitamin K gel by ??, and one by Lancome with little or no results, so I've been quite pleased with the Avon.

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I've found Dermablend to be the best concealer I've ever used. A makeup artist used it on me on a shoot about ten years ago (I'm an actress), and I've been using it ever since.

But I see that several posters have had great results with the Avon Clinical Eye Lift product. Avon really puts its resources into research and some of their products are even patented, so I think I'll check this out.

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I tried the Avon Anew, it does not work. No change after two jars over about 6 months.

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I have had dark circles my whole life no matter how sleep I get,so under concealer has become part of my daily routine.
I like Loreal visable lift or maybelline age rewind under eye concealer.Hides dark circles perfectly.

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I'm with you plasticgarden. Some of us just happened to win the genetic lottery there. *sigh* I use Clinique All About Eyes twice a day, and though it doesn't make it all go away, I don't look like someone's been kicking me in the head while I've been sleeping anymore. It works really well for puffy eyes, but I'm only puffy when I've got my allergies in full swing. I have a friend who swears by the Avon Anew, so I might try that one eventually. I would love to hear from anyone who's tried Hylexin (that one for "serious dark circles") to see if it's worked for them. It's a little to pricey for me... unless it actually works. There's something to be said for samples... NO SPAM on that please!!!

I have yet to find a concealer I'm happy with. I've never used the Dermablend ones, that's definately on my list of things to try. As for concealer tips, yellow-based concealers are good for cancelling out the blueish-purple areas in the skin, but it can sometimes make you look a little too yellow on it's own. It generally looks more natural if you put a little flesh toned concealer over it. Depending on your skin tone, that still might not do the trick. Yellow-based concealers always make me look jaundiced. I take a teeeeny tiny bit of a true red lipstick or lipliner and mix it into a bit of my eye cream and lightly brush it over my really dark areas. Then I use a flesh-toned concealer over the top. The pinkish tone brightens the dull bruise-y looking skin and it doesn't look so flat and lifeless when I put the concealer over it.

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I have had dark circles for as long as I can remember. I am 50!

I have also tried everything on the market, my most fav concealer is:

Clinique Advanced Concealer, it lasts forever and worth the $13.50 price, I buy it twice a year and don't go anywhere without it. I cover my upper lids and lower lids, it also helps the eyeshadow stay on longer! LUVLUVLUVE it!!!

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my girlfriend introduced a product to me called hylexin- just started using it 3 days ago. has anyone used this product for dark circles? it is kind of pricy too. but i hope it works - so please let me know if anyone tried this please. thanks

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My skin elsewhere is not too badly wrinkled for 63, but when I use concealer under my eyes it shows the creases. My under eye area tends to be dry. Any suggestions?

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I put some thinly sliced cucumber in my eyes. It is relaxing and you can feel that your eye is relaxed. You can also use a bag of tea and put it in your eyes. If you donâÂÂt have cucumber and tea you can use a spoon.

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I just bought a Rimmel concealer stick cause I had a coupon also it was used in a video on utube. I like to watch them put makeup on older skin. First time I have bought a concealer.

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Amazing Concealer provides good coverage.

From the Sephora website:

What it does:
This highly pigmented, super-emollient, water-resistant formula blends seamlessly into the skin, creating a flawless complexion that looks and feels natural.

There are also reviews on the website.


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I also use eye cream to lighten the dark circles under my eyes. I hate dark circles so as much as possible I sleep early in the evening, I see to it that I go to bed at 9 or 10 to have a complete good night sleep. I also use Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller.

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