Power this and that

mitchdesjMay 23, 2005

The power panties I was referring to are made by spanx, a hosiery and shaper garment brand that has coined the phrase power panties; I discovered them in NYC last year , we don't have them in Canada.

Their kneehigh band is soft and not binding at all, I love all their products and stock up when I am in the states....

I was holding up a pair today, to show my daughter in law, and I pointed to my abdomen and said: can you believe all of THIS is going to fit into THAT....

But I have to admit it is a bit of a struggle to get in and out......

I avoid wearing them when I can but there are times that they do the job....

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LOL, mitch :)

I have a pair of Power Panties too - I just LOVE the name! I think they're pretty comfy for "smash in yer gut and other parts" undergarments.

And most importantly....


Here is a link that might be useful: Power Panties

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OK--maybe I'm an idiot, but I bought a pair that matched up to my correct height and weight, and the darned things keep rolling down in front. (I an a size 12, and don't have a huge gut, so ???). I had them on the other night, and when I stand the waistband stays put, but when I sit down, the waistband ends up rolled up to right above the pubic area. The back stays put. Man--talk about uncomfortable!

Has anyone else had the problem?

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I love my spanx. I haven't had the problem that Maddie has had - in fact, I find that they are actually great to work out in as they do stay put. They are, however, a bit of a pain to pull on and take off, but I like what they do.

Mitchdesj, I also live in Canada. Spanx can be bought via the Shopping Channel (TSC, which has a great return policy if you don't like things), Cleo's, and in a few kiosks in some shopping malls. You can also order them off QVC (which ships some items to Canada), or even try eBay (this is the cheapest way to order them). Sara Blakely (who designed Spanx) makes frequent appearances on TSC, so even if you don't order from TSC, it's a good way to learn about Spanx. Sara is great at explaining what each of her products is good for and what their limitations are. If interested, you can check the TSC website for their program times.

(And, by way of disclaimer, I have no association with either Spanx or any of the retailers listed above, except for being a customer :-))

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