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rabbit8May 26, 2003

Whats the best deodorant to use to smell and feel fresh all day? Whats the best anything for a woman to wear to feel and smell fresh all day?

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unless you're one of those women who sweat standing still in May (at which point you need to see a doctor to find out why) I thinkt he best way to stay 'feeling fresh' is to stop listening to the adverts that are obviously causing stress- which makes you give off 'nervous' sweat, which not only smells strongly, it's 'tacky'. Wear natural fibres. give up panty hose, and shoes that require them. Cotton panties only. if you need to, use an anti-perspirant- Mitchum works the best the longest with the least junk on your skin.

after that- try an herb or a citrus scent instead of a floral- flower scents 'wilt' very fast, and leave most women smelling kind of sad by about 10 AM. Bergamot is good. my husband really likes Clary Sage on me, but it's a bit much for most people.

My favorite product in the world is a clary sage Hydrosol (the water left from making essential oils) I get through a place I did some painting work for 've even caught my husband using it.

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I can be a terrible 'nervous' sweater, if you know what I mean. Mitchum is the best I've found to stop even that kind of problem (totally dries me up), but after a few days it begins to irritate my skin. I only use it for a day or two at the time, if I feel I HAVE to. Generally, a good deodorant soap (Safeguard, preferably) and any mild antiperspirant work well. I rotate brands because the same one over and over will not be as effective. The greatest thing I have found lately are the DOVE body refresher deodorant sheets for freshening up on the run. I cut each one in half and get twice the usage. They're great. Followed by antiperspirant, it's a shower for the underarms!

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I frequently use Sea Breeze to feel refreshed in the hot weather.

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Here in the deep South, everyone sweats standing still, in the shade, in May. Especially this year when we had record rainfall for May and the temperature rose into the 80's every day. (Even my doctor sweats, LOL!)

This year every antiperspirant has failed me - except Secret Platinum Protection. I'd be very interested to hear what other women in hot, humid climates are using.

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I never tried this deodorant before. Mmmm.

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Mitchum gets my vote hands down. I've tried just about everything on the market. I used to be so embarrassed because even though I showered everyday (sometimes twice a day) I'd still be less than fresh especially in a stressful situation.

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When a close friend recently went through radiation therapy for breast cancer, she was told to use household corn starch instead of deodorant. She also was told to dust it under her breast to keep that area dry. Except that the corn starch seems to be quite messy - she now thinks it is the best deodorant she has ever used.

I have just started using it under my breasts and it feels wonderful.

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Thanks for the corn starch information. Didn't know it could be used like this. It sure will help me under the breast area.

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If you are wary of aluminum, you should try Klima Deodorant brand HyperDri. It is the best (and maybe the only) aluminum-free antiperspirant and deodorant. It keeps you dry and fresh. Klima HyperDri does not only control my odor, but also my wetness.

You can use it on your breasts, head, neck, face, hands and feet too. I spread it on my chest during the summer and it really helps a lot.

It makes me feel confident enought to wear any color clothese I want. I can wear my cute tops again.

Klima HyperDri is my favorite antiperspirant/deodorant, and in my opinion, the best deodorant out there.

Here is a link that might be useful: klima deodorant

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I have heard that the Secret Clinical and Secret Clincal Sports are the best at controlling excessive sweating/odor.

I use the regular Secret, but I don't have an issue necessitating more. If I did, I'd definitely try the clinical products.

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Ambersnow, peddle your crap elsewhere.

My favorite is Secret Prescription Strength. I do have to switch every few months, and I like Dry Idea Prescription Strength for a month or so, but Secret is the best in my book.

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