Sofa, Victorian, Art Deco? Help please.

love_savannahJuly 12, 2010

I purchased this sofa about 10 years ago at an antique shop in Savannah. I'm thinking about selling it and would like to know exactly what style it is. I've been calling it Victorian; however, I believe Art Deco may be a closer match.

I'd appreciate your input regarding the style, age, and fabric description.

Usually, I'm hanging around the garden forums. I've enjoyed my first visit here. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Oops! Forgot this...double click on picture to enlarge.

Thanks and have a nice day!


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How about just "vintage sofa with incredibly cool woodwork?"
I'm no period expert but it doesn't look stuffy enough to be Victorian to me.

I have a few similar pieces - sofa, two chairs - but no competition.


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Great carvings ... the upholstery doesn't look like it's as old as the sofa.

It could be as old as 1890 and as young as 1990 ... that style was in favor for a long time. My personal guess is 1920s-early 40s ... and I don't think the upholstery is the original.

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Karinl and Lazygardens, I really appreciate your comments. You're right LG, the upholstery is not original. Whoever picked the fabric did a great job. I love it! The sofa sits like an old one (if you know what I mean). The men folk in our family say it's too low.

Any thoughts about an asking price. Since I really don't know anything about the age, etc., I was thinking maybe $300. In addition, I don't think there will be much of a demand for this type of sofa in this area. We'll see.

Thanks again!


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Fori is not pleased

Does the carving on the ends represent feathers exploding out of the couch? That is just wonderful. Definitely not a DIY recovering job though, and that could make it hard to sell. Red velvet just isn't as hot as it used to be. (Almost glad you're not near me--I'd be so tempted!)

And I like the low couches, being low myself. It's hard to pretend to be a lady with your legs dangling. I see older upholstered things going for almost nothing in my local area (S.F. area) which is a shame. Anywhere with older small houses and apartments should appreciate the size of old sofas. New furniture is all MEGAhuge.

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Fori, I soooo...wish you lived near me. (LOL) You know, I always thought the carvings were palm leaves or some type of plant leaf. Now that you've mentioned feathers, I'm second guessing myself.

I've listed it on C's list for now. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks for your input.


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I think the carvings are ostrich feather plumes.

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Lazygardens, I think you're right. I gave the carvings a good cleaning this morning and, indeed, they do look like feathers.

Thanks so much, Lazygardens & Fori. Feathers...I like that.


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I have a similar couch, also reupholstered but not quite so extravagantly as yours:

and matching chair:

Ours are definitely deco era as I would guess yours is too. If it helps at all, we paid $450 for both of these a couple of years ago, so I'd imagine your $300 price is about right.

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Where do you live and will you deliver? LOL

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I have the same sofa with a matching chair which is round. I've searched for information about it for a few years and yours is the only other one I've seen. When mine was recovered in 1980, I was told it was probably a piece from the late 30's. At that time it cost $1200 to have both pieces recovered. The gentleman doing the upholstering said the wood inside was strong and in better condition than most modern (1970's) furniture he had worked on.

I feel my old set is like relatives come to visit. I sure do love love them but would like to see them happy somewhere else. But I wouldn't let them go for too little or to someone who didn't love em' as much as me.

$300 seems WAY too cheap to me. The set I have was purchased at an estate sale in 1976 by a young single male friend who promised to give me the first shot when he got ready to sell. I paid $300 in 1978 to buy the set. The set is actually covered in my homeowners insurance with an add on for antique furniture. Silly? Maybe, but are there any others around?

I would love to hear more about yours. Don't know how to post a pix of the set, but if I figure it out, I'll add that to the posting later.

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