traffic accident aftermath

auntneteMay 14, 2007

I am new to this board but need some advice. I had a very serious traffic accident on Jan 30, 2007. I had tons of stitches in my face and head. The plastic surgeon says it will be at least August before anything can be done about the scars. The worse are on my forehead and my right eye. Does anyone know how to apply makeup to fairly new scars. Next question, they had to shave my head in spots to stitch it up. It looks like I have polka dots of no hair on my head. My DH said it does not look like it is growing back, it has been almost 4 months. I am almost 50 so maybe it is not just the accident. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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oh my, how unfortunate, I wish you all the best in your healing, you've been through a lot.
I don't know the answers to your questions; maybe a professional make up artist could give you a few sessions to get you started.

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I would say firstly you should take a really great multivitiman from your local health food store (Solgar) makes a good one, or (DiVinci) Women's Formula. This may help with the hair growth and also your overall health.

If you are going to have your scars revised, perhaps make the appointment now and go in and speak with the plastic surgeon. I am sure they must be asked this question often. Nothing wrong with getting started with asking how to deal with these scars now. Once the scars are revised there are a host of scar treatments to lighten and lessen the appearance, or you could start on a regimen of Vitamin E oil on the scarring at night.

Best of luck to you.

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I just saw an ad on tv, mederma, skin care for scars; don't know anything about it but I thought of this thread, something to look into.

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I have always heard that Dermablend is the best makeup to conceal scars. I agree about seeing your plastic surgeon ASAP. Maybe see a dermatologist about the patches on your scalp. Good luck with your healing process.

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So sorry to hear of your accident. I use Dermablend and it really works well. Have the saleswoman at the store do a demo on you, so you can learn exactly how to apply the product and setting powder.

It's also good advice to ask about the scar reduction that you will be having done. As for the patches on your head, find out if they are caused by scar tissue or alopecea (a form of hair loss that can accompany a major trauma - even emotional) If the latter is the cause, your dermatologist can inject cortisone into the scalp. Yes, it hurts like hell, but it works. If it is caused by the scarring, then perhaps the scar reduction will help to close up the larger patches, and then a good stylist can help you with a cut that can disguise the rest.

Best of luck to you as you heal.

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I recently had some plastic surgery, and tried Mederma. I immediately noticed extreme itching and redness, so I returned the product. It turns out that one of the main ingredients is allium extract (onions) - I'm allergic to onions! Maybe I'll try the vitamin E oil.

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