Products to Fade age spots

piksi_hkMay 23, 2006

Has anyone used those products to fade age spots? Which one worked for you?

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I had brown spots on my face. Stopped taking birth control pills and stayed out of the sun. It's now 4 years later and the spots are gone.

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I have used the Obagi system, which combines Hydroquinone (for fading), Retin A and AHA's to kind of resurface the skin (through weeks of light peeling). My skin really is a better texture, and much more even-toned now.

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I have found many things that "brighten", including Perricone, microdermabrasion, some old Helena Rubenstien oatmeal scrub. One that has a rather dramatic, immediate effect, and is not expensive, is Serious Skin Care C-Appeal. I can heartily endorse it, and, unlike the Perricone, is not a big investment. You can buy it on HSN.

But as for the actual spots - they remain. My most recent attempt is a Murad gel. I was loading it on my spots every night, and most of them don't look any different, but one of them got scabby and peeled. When it healed it was still brown.

I was just looking for new age spot products for this today. I keep thinking they have to come up with something one of these days. I found one from Bliss that specifically claims it can lighten "liver spots". Caught my eye because they usually just make general claims about brightening or sun-damaged skin. It's about $50 on

Let's keep trying. I would love to find something.

Oh, the Murad did work a little better on the spots on my hands.

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My dermatologist gave me a scrip for Aclaro which is 4% hydroquinine. It fades the spots a whole lot but is expensive and it takes a lot of time and applications.

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