Worst beer?

ABOctober 12, 2000

The post on your favorite drink made me think of some really bad ones I have had.

The worst EVER was a microbrew from NYS that was Maple Beer. It was so disgusting, it tasted like someone just dumped syrup into a bottle of poor quality beer. The second worst was a Pumpkin Beer made by the people who make Blue Moon. That tasted like someone spilled a yucky beer onto a piece of pumpkin pie.

General nationwide beers--Genny Cream Ale, ick!!

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You know, somewhere someone is sipping an ice cold Genny Cream Ale and thinking, "hmmmm, this is REALLY good."

I've never had a bad micro beer, at least not one that is worse than any $1.99/6-pack store bought beer. The one beer that I will honestly never drink again is Coors Light. I can't help but wonder, "what's the point?"

[the above comments are from a beer drinker dedicated to supporting his local micro-breweries and is in no way a condemnation of big time beer companies.]

Here is a link that might be useful: Middle Ages Brewery

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I did not know Middle Ages had a website, it is pretty nice. They make some good brews too.

Matt since it sounds like you are in NYS why don't you seek out the awful disgusting maple beer and tell me what you think. I think it is brewed in Saratoga Springs but I am not sure the name of the company. Then tell me if you have ever had a microbrew you don't like!

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I'd have to agree that any really cheap beer in a can is the worst. I did have a Black Cherry brew that had an aftertaste like cough syrup. It was pretty bad, but the pumpkin beer sounds much worse.

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The worst beer in the world is the one you really want and the fridge is empty and its too much work (or too risky) to go out and get some more.

The 2nd worst beer is some Yugoslavian stump water they served me on JAT (Yugo Airlines) a few years ago.
I almost wished the plane would crash...

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Worst beer - bud,bud lite,miller, miller lite, and coors lite. Why not just drink water. Or as my brother used to say Coors lite for when water's too heavy. Talking about NYS beer. Saranac black and tan - strong but good. My dad loves genny cream ale - proably because 30 yrs. ago he could only get it when we visited relatives in NYS and he only had it on vacation. Vacations can make stump water taste good.

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My worst beer??????? ANY beer that is WARM!!!!!!!!!!lol

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Pearl.... Texas Schaefer
Haffenreffer.... Malt liquor for Irish toughguys
Ballantine's.... Same for New York Toughguys
Narragansett.... Massachusetts swill, tastes like Boston Harbor and green oatmeal
Rolling Rock.... no two taste alike, horrible quality control
Knickerbocker.... Bad even when I was underage
Bodean's.... a delightful combination of bad instant tea and bad beer.
Two Dogs.... Riding the crest of the lemon beer craze
Schlinkerla Rauchbier.... a German smoke beer, tastes like slim jims and ass
Red Brick Winter.... a local bilge that I throw in the back of my beer fridge and try to pawn off at parties to people I don't like a lot.
Molson Ice.... The pride of Upper Mexico. Hosers. Take off.

Enough Mudslinging...
good beers... Guinness, Bass, Harp, Rogue Mocha Porter, Samuel Smith's anything, especially Oatmeal Stout, Newcastle, Fat Tire, Bud bottles (laugh all you want, but in it's context, it's a great American beer... try having a Guinness after you mow the lawn... you'll have spit that could tar a roof.), Paulaner hefe-weizen, Hoegaarden, Dogwood Breakdown IPA, Sweetwater 420, Sierra Nevada, Asahi superdry (good with Sushi), Sol, (beats the hell out of Corona) and Maizel weizen, a great German Witbier with a Star of David on the label.

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Worst beer hear in Saskatchewan would be a Pilsner!! God I think it tastes awful. Mind you here in Sask a 6 pack costs $8.60. so I guess we couldn't get to many beers for we would be extremely broke. And to go to the grocery store to buy the non alcholic beer (which Labbatte) is the best .05 that costs almost 5 bucks with no alchol in it. Pretty ridiculous. It's getting so awful. Just to go out for a beer here to go to a nice lounge would cost allmost $4.00 a bootle. :( ( Wish I lived in the Sstates.

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I have tried the Blue Moon pumpkin beer and have to agree that it's not very good. However, The local brew pub here (Salem Beer Works - in MA) makes the most delicious beer with pumpkin called Pumkinhead. It's been my favorite beer since Ipswich Ale sold out to Harpoon.

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One particular bottle of rolling rock. I don't know if it boiled in the back of the delivery truck on a hot day, but it DID taste like skunk cabbage (come to think of it, it smelled like it too) Yucko!
Even the bartender thought it was rancid!

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The absolute worst beer is the one that you pick up and forgot you put a cigarette butt out in the can. Did that a few times in my smoking days.


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Stacy Ok

Choc beer they make it in this little Italian type town serve it in the resturants the wrost crap you could taste and now they see no other kinds of beers! Just what they make! is sick stuff

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The absolute worst beer in the western hemisphere MUST be Corona. Anybody that would ingest something that has the look and smell of urine needs to reconsider their mental state. Anyway nobody really drinks Corona in Mexico but tourists. They put a few million in advertising and throw a lime in a bottle of "you know what" and call it trendy. If you want a good Mexican brew, I must insist either Bohemia or Dos Equis Amber Lager.

P.S. Natural Ice is like water with a hint of beer.

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There is a micro-brew that is made in Billings, Montana, that is called "Black Widow" . . . it looks like motor oil, and tastes even worse!

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The worst ever is HEMP ale that I had....also I live Corona with a shot of LEMON(e) rum in it....

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The worst beer I ever had must have been on my most recent camping trip. A WARM NATURAL ICE!!! I got rid of it 5 minutes later if ya know what I mean........

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I can't really say I've had too many bad brews. Sure some are better than others, but you gotta keep things in perspective - as long as you're getting value for what you're paying. I've had decent cheap brews and also beers I felt I paid to much for. Some favorites - Little Kings Cream Ale (Great for summer - those 7oz go down fast and cold!) Anchor Steam - the original Micro! Samuel Smiths Russian Imperial Stout (how's that for being fancy!) Miller High Life (another summer beer) Berghoff's , Bass, Oregon Rasberry Wheat(great after dinner),to name a few ...and oh...FREE!

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Guinness and Fat Tire are way too bitter for my taste. Very over rated? Give me a Moose or Sol any day.

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Hhhmm...there's definately several to choose from. But I'd have to say it's a
three-way-tie between: Schaffer's Light
(A.K.A. "Ex-Lax in a can"), Country Club
Malt Liquor (I suppose that too much cannot be expected from a
beer that costs $1.99 a six pack), and Natural Light
(only cooling it with liquid hydrogen could help it from tasting any worse).

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Dr C

Agree w/ the PUMPKIN beer. Bought it for Thanksgiving ... U know, has the name. Was thankful when I poured it down the drain! Thanks, but no thanks

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The worst beer that started this thread I believe is North Country Maple Lager from North Country Brewery which I think no longer exists, but it was in Saratoga Springs I do believe. I had it a few times and thought it was OK, I definitely don't think it is the worst beer ever... If it is still being produced and anybody finds it try it and see what you think.... the worst beer BY FAR that I ever had is Red Dog, named perhaps because it is the filtered urine of a red dog. I had 1/4 of a bottle, which was 1/4 of a bottle more than I would ever wish upon my worst enemy.

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Anyone ever tried Sam Adams Triple Bock? I tried it about 7 yrs ago, and it was about $10 for a 375ml bottle. Absolutely like motor oil it was just SSSOOOO heavy. It's supposedly able to age for several years like a good wine.

Best beers - Paulaner, Samuel Smith and Warsteiner

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I agree the Genny Cream Ale is pretty bad, but I confess that I like the Genesee beer. I prefer a Sam Adams, New Amsterdam, Sierra Navada or something like that, but here in New York they charge $8-10 dollars a six, so I often get the Genesee to save money. I am sure to at least drink it out of a frozen mug though.

I think the worst might be Black Label.

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duke cola

Being a sailor, I've tried just about every world beer one can think of (after 3 months at sea, most taste good). However the WORST, without question, and verified by 6000 sailors during a double-blind taste test (1. Only beer avail, 2. still drank it anyway) is STELLA from Egypt! They stole the name from the European Stella, but it's not even close. It's preserved with formaldahyde. I couldn't even finish one bottle. Lots of unhappy sailors after that port call. :-(

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Yuengling from PA. It is really terrible - the last time I drank it (10-20 years ago) it was awful ! If they have changed their brew more power to them .....

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Kevin, you mentioned the cigarette butt in the beer being the worst. The worst for me was when I was helping a friend move and sat my beer on the porch between loads from the truck. As I walked out to get another load and took a big chug, something rolled out on my tongue. First thing I thought was that someone had stuck a butt in there, then the excrutiating pain hit. Seems like a yellow jacket (mean little yellow and black wasp) had decided to take a few sips and I had the litte bugger sting me on my tongue. Now that hurt, had a completely dead spot about the size of a quarter on my tongue for six months, anything hot or cold felt like I had a big hole missing.

Now for worst beer... anybody remember Schlitz or Pearl?

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The worst beer?...What are you talking about?....There is no worst beer! ...all beer is good beer!!!!

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Here in Alberta they used to sell a brew simply called "BEER". And believe me, no generic brew could possibly beat this one for bad taste!! (Boy, the genuis in marketing that thought up that label! Did he have a cat named CAT, I wonder?) My vote for currently still selling bad boys is Pilsner, too. Yuck yuck yuck!
Incidently, I am not a fan of American brew at all because the alcohol content is so low - seems like water to me. Come up to Canada guys and have some REAL beer!! (My fave - Triple XXX, which is 7.5%!!)

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worst beer? most that are made in huge quantities....

Some great beers:
Saratoga Brewery- Mile and a Quarter Porter (I think that's the name)
Ithaca Beer Company- Nut Brown Ale (though they are all good!)
Bar Harbor Maine- Cadillac Mountain Stout (I forget the brew company).

Mind you, I could not drink a dark beer until I was hooked on the Ithaca Nut Brown (SO GOOD) but I have yet to understand why people love Guiness. It has no taste and its so thick! But that is only my opinion- my husband loves it and I think it bothers him that his wife doesn't!!

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I would have to agree on the Corona. That is the stuff you drink after you have drank so many you can't taste it anymore. I have to admit, I am a Bud Light Bottle girl. A good cheap beer, you can shoot me for this one, is Southpaw. A friend was living on a tight budget and it was all he could afford.

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LOL! I don't toich the stuff myself, but my husband likes Heinekin. I told him about the pumpkin beer some of you have tried and his eyes bugged out and he said "pumpkin beer?!" It sounded totally diguting to him, so I'm printing this out and showing it to him. I've tried beer twice in my life--2 separate brands--and just do not like it. My husband asked me what brands and I said Pabst and Micholoeb. His comment was no wonder (on the Pabst)--he thinks that brand is "weaker than a preacher's profanity!" He's also tried O'Doul's and likes that, but you couldn't pay him to drink Coors.

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The worst big name bottled beer ever? STROH'S

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Stroh's is bad!!! But, when you were underage, and low on money, nothing beat the old Stroh's thirty pack!!!!

('course ya paid for it in the morning after it RAN its course...if you know what I mean!!)

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Sorry guys, any Amercian Beer. Tastes like water.

This from a dumb Canadian chick who used to think as a teenager Boone's Farm Wine was the best wine on earth! LOL

The worse beer I have had in Canada, don't know where it is from - Rickers Red. Served on tap in many bars in my city. I like the bitterness of Molson Canadian but most of my friends prefer Labatts Blue.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this horrific trying time.

Your Canadian friend


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I agree with the Corona being pretty bad.But Miller High Life tastes like garlic.It was good when I was a poor teenager though.
I like Budweiser,but I am trying to watch my calorie intake so I have switched to Miller Lite,which is pretty good so far.

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Coors light is an insult to the name beer. By the way, Corona is the biggest seller in Mexico. It is sold in quarts, and bottles throughout the interior of Mexico. However, the U.S. versions of all Mexican beers are different except for Negra Modelo which is classified as an ale.

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Worst beer ever (maybe I'm showing my age here) was a pre-generic generic type beer simply called Red White & Blue. I don't know if it was available nationally, but we used to get it in in Boston area.


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I fully agree COORS LIGHTS has such a water base to it why bother. I myself prefer a Harp or a Killians Red!

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Being from PA we drink Iron City more out of tradition than for taste. I have to admit it can be pretty rough to take. Maybe my tastes are not refined enough but I never liked Samual Adams, plus it costs to much. Most people around here prefer Yuengling Lager and I have to agree it is a great beer. Don't know if it is distrubuted out of state though.

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Aside from the usual and obvious (coors, swillweiser, corona, etc) the beer that stayed unopened the longest in my basement was Samuel Adams' Cranberry Lambic. yeuggh!
I cringe when I find these in their holiday pack.
In a similar vein, I once had clam chowder ice cream. yeughhh!!

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It has been my experience that any Canadian Beer is better than any American Beer! Sorry guys! Living in a border city, I have tried plenty of both. Busch beer??? What were ya thinkin?

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One time I left a batch in the primary fermenter for two weeks but bottled it anyways. Took one sip and poured all 50 bottles of it down the drain.

Any beer can be ruined. Local bar like to keep beer "on ice" but the heehaws let it get warm each night only to pour ice on it again in the morning - yuck. Let a beer freeze then unthaw it and try to drink - yuck. Pull beer from back of pickup truck where it sat in the sun all day and toss back into cooler - wrong!

Just plain alcohol abuse.


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My dad, USN (Ret) use to bring me generic beer from the small stores. What we liked about it was the white cans with just a black label "BEER". Otherwise, it was horrible stuff.

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If I remember well from my tour of their factory Yuengling makes 5 beers. I liked most of them but Lord Chesterfields Ale was NASTY!!! Good thing my Dad liked it. Some of the green bottle beers get ripe also.

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I haven't had alot of different brands of beer but I can say one of the worst was BECKS-It smelled and tasted like skunk. Nothing worse then skunky beer. Liked Little Kings in the small bottles but haven't had it in years-can't find it here in NC.

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TEQUIZA is the worst ever, hands down! I love tequila and I love beer, but this oily, limey, flat beer is nauseating!)2nd worst is probably a tie with Obi (Korean) and '33 (Vietnamese ba-moui-ba), and Tiger (Phillipines), with, '33 probably a close winner depending on how many partial empties were used to make a full one by the local merchants down in the 'ville!

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The worst I have ever drank I bought at some discount store and the name on the can was (BEER).
Crazy Man

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The WORST must be Lone Star. I'm not sure if it ever made it out of Texas, Glad I did.

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Some beer enthusiasts might think I am crazy, but the nastiest beer ever to go into me was Sam Adams Triple Bock. This beer was $17 for about 8 ounces (I love strange craftbrewed beers). I was sadly dissapointed!!

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My DH shared a bottle of "Nude Beer" with me once. His grandfather had bought it for him on his 21st birthday. You could scratch the top off the chick on the label and see what was underneath. Hilarious cheesy gimmick but the beer was "instant headache in a bottle". I think it was Hecho en Mexico.
Also despise "Red, White, and Blue". Not the worst but the most overrated beer? Miller Lite. Miller with water added, yuck.

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A buddy from Cleveland suggested we get some Blatz Beer one night....that stuff makes Milwakees Best taste like a premium beer....ugh

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let's see- mickey's (technically a malt liquor)
gennesee cream
Old Mildew
Stroh's ( went to one of the three colleges in the same county as the brewery- no, it didn't improve with freshness)

I've had the Sam adam's Triple Blech- used it in place of soy sauce in several recipes- could not see drinking it.

the only people to do a decent chocolate stout were Bison Brewing in Berkeley, CA- and Brooklyn Brewery.

I am, by habit, not a beer drinker- but since I have a friend that lives within staggering distance of the brewery- I have to admit that the Brooklyn Blanche is a favorite of mine...

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Kroger Sooper Cost Cutter. So bad we used to buy it by the case for target paractice. Purely a mercy killin.

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Bud,any lite beer and any beer that has a fruit in its name.

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Pabst Blue Ribbon

Carling Black Label


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How about 'Schlitz'??????? That is def. the worst beer IMHO ;)

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Iron City...LOL

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Milwaukees Best!! ..what...horse piss? God that stuff is nasty. I should know...I drank alot of that crap camping. Oh my goodness what a hangover that gives ya. Finally quit when I got one of them 30 packs and it tasted like SOAP! I swear they forgot to rinse out the vats. Hey, I said a few bad words as a kid...I KNOW what soap tastes like! Worse part about it...one year I forgot to buy beer and it was Christmas night. Low and behold ...6 cans of that crap in the produce bin of the outside garage fridge! O holy night! Yeah...I drank it....soapy taste and all.

I'm more mature now...really.


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I would agree with the Pabst Blue Ribbon... back in college we would joke about the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer farts... and how it seemed like your flatulance smelled worse after a six pack of Pabst... :)

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We recently purchased a Sam Adams holiday pack that included a cranberry flavored beer. It was so bad, that not even the 'I'll drink anything if it's free' members of the family could finish it. Really nasty stuff.

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The ole' ball and chain put a 6 pack of Thirsty Dog ale in the fridge for "you know who"(!). He wouldn't drink it himself. I'd rather drink malt vinegar than that bottled dog piss again.

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Yes that cranberry sam adams is probably the worst I have ever had also. So bad the dogs didn't even like it and they love beer. I think sam adams came up w/ the holiday pack as a way to unload this mistake.

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Anything in a can!!!!

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I was drinking a Corona and my Father-in-law said "You know dogs piss in that beer"? I said "Do you know where I can get one of those dogs"? All the stuff you hear about Corona is bull poop. Corona Extra is great beer. And I do love the lime.

My new favorite is Samual Adams Pale Ale.

Worst: I'll drinkem' but: Coors, Bud & Miller. Sorry but if it gets worse than this I'll quit drinking beer

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This thread is so funny I have revisited it several times over the years. When I was younger I drank Miller Genuine Draft in bottles. But what's the point? If you want a draft you go to a bar, or buy a keg. The worst I ever had was A & P WEO beer, sold in NY A & P grocery stores in the mid '70s for 60 cents a quart (Bud etc. was 75 cents). These days it's Coors Light for me; not because I like the taste but because it now takes me 48 hours or more to get over a good load.

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I just found this site and was reminded of a horrible 30 year old memory. I was in the Navy, living off base, very poor and had no money for beer. I discovered Red, White and Blue beer (made by Pabst) and it was actually affordable. I got it home, took one sip and threw the rest of the six pack away. I've tasted a lot of beer in my life and never threw a whole six pack away before or since that one.

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Someone else above mentioned BEER Beer And yes Pilsner was run out of Alberta and pushed over to saskatchewan and I think the Rat patrol are paid to keep both Pilsner and rats from entering the province again (coincidence?- I think not..) As a youth I remember once a few of us trying a case of Guiness goodness - yes it was as bad as the name sounds...
Kokanee was great when I was you ng but it went to $#1# after Labatts bought out the brewery... What I do miss is Spring Bock... it used to only be available every spring (we joked that it was when they cleaned out the vats as it was a fairly thick bodied beer) but it disapeared fromth e face of the earth in the Early 90's :-(

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"The absolute worst beer in the western hemisphere MUST be Corona."

But, they make the best parade floats:

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The only thing I don't like about pumpkin beer is that you can't get it all year long!

Anyone that doesn't like pumpken beer probably likes those Bud products sold as beer, but which has no real resemblence to beer whatsoever!

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Lots of bad beers out there, but if you have to put a wedge of lime in a bottle to make a beer taste acceptable, then it is not a good beer in the first place - Corona, just bad...

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The worst beer I ever had was when I visited Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It is called El Preidente. The taste was not horrible but I had the most terrible headache I ever had after drinking a couple. When I returned home, I spoke to my father who vacationed there years before I did and he told me he had the same reaction after drinking only one. It has been about 15 years since I had one and I do not plan to try any. It is also ironic that a small local grocery store sells them at a price for 2 for $1.00 ! Even at that price, I am not tempted to give it another try. I'll stick to my Abita beer.

Here is a link that might be useful: El Presidente

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The worst ever is Durango it is like$2.99 a 12 pack. One chug will make you spew!!!!!

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The worse beers are the low grade malt liquors and cheaper canned beers found in most grocery stores . Also light beers are really just malt beverages designed for people who don't really like beer .

I would like to clear up the confusion on Corona .

It is one of the highest quality commercial beers available . It is brewed with all malt and Noble hops imported from Europe such as Saaz , Hallertau or Tettnang .

It is the most popular beer in Mexico and the recipe was brought by German settlers in northern Mexico .

Most American beers are much lower quality and use garbage additives such as rice and corn syrup to cut cost and create a lighter watery color . These adjuncts are illegal in Bavaria and cause strong hangovers .

The bright yellow color of Corona is because they don't add the headache ingredients .

Most large breweries blend 20 different cheaper hops to create a consistent low grade flavor .

Cheap malt liquors and other American beers will use scrap byproducts such as apples or potatoes instead of malted barley to cut costs .

Here is a link that might be useful: Hop varieties

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Little Mickey's.

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Thirsty dog.

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what? the pumpkin beer by blue moon is great! the worst beer for me is something called "mad blue" or "blue dogs" something like that. it was blue. but it was labeled as a true beer. it tasted HORRIBLE. like a messed up sugary wine cooler

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Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry....yuck

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ANY beer.
I like my drink soft or harder then most beers.
Just never found one I liked, but I stopped looking 20 years ago.Never got a hang over from ice tea & had as much fun as anyone. Remembered everything the next day too.
I see nothing wrong with you enjoying beer, it just not for me.

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Sure is an old thread that I ran into, but have to put my two cents in.

My husband and I are into the craft beer craze and have tasted hundreds of beers. Personally I hate anything that has a smoked flavor and anything that has been aged in rum barrels.

I read that some of you don't like the pumpkin beer. That flavor has come a long way in the past few years. May want to try one again. Keep in mind its considered a dessert beer, not one to guzzle while on the lawn mower.

With craft breweries popping up in record numbers, would love to see a forum for brewing beer.

Just my two cents!

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Worst beer, fithout question, Carling from the UK. Bland does not cover it.

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Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Brown Ale is the worst beer I've ever had. It's just dreadful.

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