Hair advice, please...

atropinaMay 27, 2008

Hello:-) I'm looking for an advice on getting my hair done - my photos:

I'd like to get a new haircut and color my hair (just don't tell me blonde, please - I've been blonde for years) - what do you think would suit my face best?

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You look like you have a heart-shaped face. Get your hair cut chin-length and curved in toward your cheeks.

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Have you considered red? I love red hair. I would try cutting it a little longer than shoulder length with some layers so that you can either gel it for some easy cute waves, or curl it with an iron for some bigger soft waves and a little more volume.

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I can see you as a redhead. As for the cut, a blunt cut would look great on you - like a bob - which never goes out of style, and you can wear it several ways. You can also get a bob with long layers which will give your hair movement, and it needs that.

You look like you have a high forehead, so I'd keep a longer bang off to the side.

I can picture this on you and it would look fabulous!

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Looks like you have some natural curl. I would take advantage of this with some long layers, you probably would be able to fluff and go and have some curls. I always envied people with a bit of natural curl. You could blow dry straight if you wanted straight. Maybe just some highlights for color to keep it simple.

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I think you have some curl to your hair & should work with that. You should check out the website, & don't let the name fool you. People who perm, people who straighten, chemically & with heat or otherwise, & people who are wavy go to this site.

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I would highly suggest a *good* stylist. Not your mall haircutter, but a real stylist. I used to go to the mall and told the stylist what to do, and never had anything really great. Some cuts/colors were good, but not great.

Finally went to a real stylist. She asked what general look I was going for, how long I have to do my hair, my job, etc. Lots of things that told her that I generally spend about 2.2 seconds on my hair in the morning for work/school, but I would spend much more to go out. And that I love to style my hair many different ways, which isn't easy when your hair is as short as mine. She chose the colors (base and highlights) and style based on my answers, how my hair acted and settled by itself, how long I wanted to spend on it, etc. And it turned out *great.* I mean, really totally great, exactly what I wanted. To the point that complete strangers ask me where I get my hair done. I am not kidding. And all I had to do is just let the stylist do her job. It does take a really good stylist to pull that off, but it is so worth it.

Good luck.

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