Lifted Eyelids Anyone?

AnnieILMay 29, 2004

Just had the ophthalmologist (eye physician) tell me I have drooping eyelids and it is putting a strain on my eyes. He has recommended a plastic surgeon who specializes in this type of surgery. Has anyone had it?

Is it painful? Do they give a local anesthetic or put you to sleep? I have a consultation with him in two weeks, so will be asking him these questions; but I would like to hear your experiences, if any. Thank you. Annieil

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My husband had it done about three years ago for the same reason and had no problems at all.

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I know two people that have had this done. Once had severe drooping and she did have some complications for some time but after a year she was fine.

The other had no problems at all.

Basically, it is an eye lift. Make sure you get a good surgeon with lots of experience doing this. I have no doubt you'll be pleased with the results.

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I had it done 12 years ago. 4 lid blephoroplasty (eyelift ;)

They put you under. Before they wheeled me into the OR, they gave me some kind of relaxant drug through an IV...jeez! Now I know why people become drug addicts...I felt so good ;)

Back on topic...I had very little post op pain. Still woozy from the anestesia when I got home, and just rested. I believe I was given prescription painkillers but don't think I really needed them. I will say that I looked terrible, like I'd been punched in both eyes. That lasted about a week. You aren't supposed to bend over or lift anything heavy for a short time.

My husband's grandmother, who is in her 80's, just had her uppers done a few months ago, same issue as you. She went through it/came out of it just fine.

Also, if you smoke, quit at least 10 days before. You will heal faster and better.

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Thank you so very much for all the pertinent information regarding the eyelid lift. I don't smoke--quit 34 years ago, thank goodness, but have enough infirmities that I worry about additional ones. At least I have some idea of what to anticipate and can prepare. Thanks again.AnnieIL

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:) both my parents have had it done, they're in their 70's, my mom had crepe-y lids from decades of abuse (those old black eye liners have ruined many a delicate eye area!) and my dad lost 200 pounds after heart surgery, both were done for 'medical' reasons...

both of them came through fine, and my dad's a diabetic with some serious healing issues.

my only advice is to find the doctor you trust the most overall- and walk out on anyone whose portfolio isn't current, or whom tries to pressure you into ANY other procedure.

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