Don't know if I should get my hair cut in this way...

harlequinn217May 19, 2009

I'm really wanting to get my hair cut since it's so long and the weather is getting really hot. I've though about getting it cut really short, but I really didn't know if I could pull it off. Friends have told me I could, but I want to see what other people would think before I made an appointment.

Here's me...

(In the second picture, I'm the one with the wavy/curly hair. Not the best pictures, but the only ones that I could find that it was basically a head on shot)

And this is what I would like to get my hair cut like...

Like good ol' Billie Joe. :)

Please respond asap cause I have to get the appointment scheduled by next week if I choose to get the cut.

Thanks alot!

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Billie Joe's hair is styled that way with a lot of goop, what is the basic cut, who knows?

Be prepared to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, no one gets up in the morning looking that way, it's a lot of work, lol.....

You should get a cut you'll like and be able to manage easily for the days you don't have the time to spike it up all over like that.

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I wish I could get the links to work, and I wish we could have an active thread like this. I would love, and really need, opinions on haircuts for wavy hair on not-young heads.

Currently, I have a Susan Boyle. Would like very much to look better.

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I don't think Billie Joe's hair looks stiff, but as mitchdesj says, there is probably a good amount of product used. I think mostly near the roots, though. A few years ago I had my hair cut and the intent was to have a "messy" look, but I can't step away from the mirror until I tame it much more than the hairdresser or my daughter planned. As I dry my hair with the blow-dryer, I use the palm of my hand to twirl the hair in circles near my scalp. This will tease/rat the hair close to the scalp, giving me volume, but leaving the ends unteased. It actually looks a bit like BJ's picture before I begin the taming process. And it doesn't take long in the mornings to achieve the style.

I think the style would look good on you. But before you get it cut, ask the stylist what would be involved in achieving the look each morning and make sure that you want to commit to that.

I'd love to see what you decide. Please come back and post pics for us.

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