help with moisturizer

star9763May 9, 2009

I have been using aveno with spf 30 in the day and st. Ives moisturizer in the eavening.. My face is breaking out horrible. Can someone recomend a good one for me to use in the day and night that won't make me break out or cost a fortune. Also should I use sun screen instead of moisturizer during the day.

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I like Cetaphil ultra Hydrating lotion in the tube. Blue and lime green. From drugstore For sensitive skin. It takes
a min before I can apply makeup after I put it on. I dont use much. I just use it for under makeup moisturizer. There is no SPF in it though. At night whole nother story. I am older so I do use more expensive one at night.


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Is one of the products new to you? Maybe that is the one causing you to break out.

I use a Cetaphil product too at night, but not the one you are talking about Sheshe. I tried one new to me called Cerave, but I like the Cetaphil better and will go back to it.

I use a sunscreen during the day, then foundation over. Neutrogena has one called Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion. Maybe that would help.

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I used to break out alot. I was referred to dermalogica and now i never break out. I can't afford it in the salon but I purchase online and my skin has never looked better. Try the intensive moisture balance.

Here is a link that might be useful: dermalogica

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Aveen really broke me out. Perhaps it is the sunscreen? Try Sheseido sunscreen lotion. spf55
Also for an inexpensive moisturixer I like Alphahydrox brand. It's under 10$

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I like cetaphil ,coz is suitable for soften skin.

Here is a link that might be useful: cetaphil skin cleanser

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