Your Favorite Smoothie Recipe

cathyhudd2October 11, 2007

How about some smoothie recipes.

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Ripe strawberries (10 or so? Depending on size)
One small ripe peach
6-8 oz. plain yogurt
Honey to taste

I cut up the fruit, pop everything in the blender and mix it up. If the proportions need tweaking for your personal taste you can always add a few strawberries or another spoon of yogurt & blend some more. I don't have a very powerful blender so it doesn't chop ice very well - I just put a couple ice cubes in the finished drink if it needs cooling.

Lots of other fruits are good in this basic recipe but I like strawberry-peach best. On hot hot summer days this is often all I want for dinner! (I am dreaming of those hot hot summer days now!)

Another one that's not quite so healthy is coconut milk blended with fresh-squeezed lime juice. The coconut milk has lots of fat. But it is sooo yummy!

Or you can cut up some seedless watermelon, put it in the blender & mix with fresh-squeezed lime juice. Easy, cool and delish!

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for the kids
lightly sweetened fresh peaches, ice, touch of marachino cherry juice from the jar, milk or yogurt. Or you can slice the peaches, sugar them, then freeze them and use the frozen peaches and no ice.

for me
the frozen peaches, ice and a splash of kirsch


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I freeze bananas. They make the smoothie very creamy. I like peanut butter banana smoothies!!

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