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motherof3inctJanuary 27, 2013

I am a long time lurker on GW. This site helped me through a huge kitchen remodel. On my kitchen project, we used a kitchen design/build company. Unfortunately, they have gone out of business. For our master and hall bathroom remodels, we have decided to act as the GC and purchase all our materials ourselves. I know GW will be a valuable info source for me.

I am at a loss with selecting our bathroom vanities. I plan to purchase ready made ones online. We need 72" and 60" double vanities. I am overwhelmed with the different brands available online. Can anyone recommend a good quality cabinet company? I have seen Ronbow and Fairmont Designs in a showroom and like the quality, but prices are a bit high. Are there any good alternatives?

We have a traditional colonial house. I would like to stay traditional in design, but a bit modern would still be ok.

Thank you!

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I will be following this thread as well.

We are in the process of remodeling our master bath. The house is a mid-1970s builder's colonial with smallish baths and 8-foot ceilings. The house would look silly and the bath rather pretentious with a high-style approach, so we decided to keep it simple.

We ordered a 60-inch "Caroline" vanity made by Virtu USA from the Home Depot, sight unseen. It was important to us to have a vanity and top combo because custom marble or granite tops are very expensive in our area.

I bought from the Home Depot because in my experience there is no issue with returns or adjustments. I did not feel as comfortable with some of the other online vendors I found.

The vanity should be here in a week and I will let you know what we think.

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DD2 recently gutted her MBath and ended up ordering a vanity by Water Creations. Very heavy, well made, nice wood, marble top/backsplash and sinks. Waiting time was about 4-6 weeks. The first vanity she ordered was on backorder - was going to be patient until they emailed saying it would be 3 more months.

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Most kitchen cabinet companies also make vanities. For instance, I've got a Dynasty master bath vanity designed for our new showroom, but it's waiting on tilework to go in first or I could show you pics. But 95% of cabinet companies also do vanities and will have the same ability to customize them that they do in their kitchen configurations.

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I did vanity-depth cabs from a kitchen cabinet company for another bath. They were expensive for what they were and the lead time was long.

Anything custom is going to be more expensive unless you happen to live in an area that has wonderful, reasonable independent cabinet makers. I live in metro NY and there is no such animal here.

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Just looked at the Water Creation website. I think all of these vanities sold online--Virtu USA, Water Creations, Bellaterra, etc.--are made in China and imported by companies based in California. That would account for the long wait you experienced.

Again, by buying one from Home Depot, at least I have the assurance of a bricks-and-mortar store nearby and the return policies of a company that has been around for a long time. My fear with some of the other online-only companies is that if you call with a problem, the phone will just ring and ring forever.

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Thanks for the quick replies!

infodiva1 - I looked at the Caroline vanity on the Home depot site. That style would fit perfectly in our home (1970's colonial too, with a small MB) I am looking for a dark brown vanity to go with our tile. I am interested in the Virtu quality since that company has a lot to choose from. Please let me know your thoughts when it gets delivered. How exciting! I would definitely feel more comfortable with a brick and mortar. The Home and Stone website was recommended on GW. They have a showroom in Brooklyn which is driving distance for me. That's an online possibility.

live wire oak - I plan to call my Medallion rep to see pricing. I also see that Shiloh has standard vanities. I think 60 and 72" are standard sizes. I'm not sure if the lead time will work for me though.

allison - Thanks for the info on Water Creations. I like their Spanish and Manhatten vanity styles. How long has the vanity been in use? I am hoping its durable for the long run. So funny - I thought DD2 was a username and tried looking up her GW posts until I realized what it stood for.

Keep the recommendations coming!

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I'm looking for a 42-44" vanity and went to our kitchen cabinet maker first. They make the boxes and order the doors. Quote was double what I expected--about $2000 for melamine boxes, no dovetail drawers. Then I emailed a local cabinet maker who was featured on Houzz--beautiful cabinets, all hand-crafted workmanship. His quote was in line with #1, so it's a better value. I tried Schulers (Medallion) at Lowe's. They were a few hundred less, but I wanted a custom-size drawer, and that bumped the price over what the local guys quoted! So I'm now considering a 36" vanity and other ways to cut the cost. Home Depot here uses Kraftmaid and they have some accent packages that you can add to the basic boxes. I'll be pricing them out this week.

Everything I see on the internet is too ornate or too contemporary. I want simple with a little style, and I don't want open shelves that collect dust and hair.

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Going custom would be crazy and unnecessary. Any quality semi-custom line will do just fine.
Legacy by Bertch

Good luck.

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We're about to order a Virtu - I'm very nervous as it's sight unseen. Gulp.

I fell in love with the same one allison0704's had ordered. I just can't deal with a seemingly open ended lead time on it and we can't use the top... which comes attached.

So the virtu it is. It's shipping from CA to PA. I'll probably pay for it tomorrow and we'll see how it goes from there.

I hate that all the show rooms show single vanities and expect you to be able to pick a double ( which often looks completely different) just from a usually drawn picture. So annoying.

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She just finished her remodel a few months ago, so not long. But so far, so good.

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Hoboken, let's compare notes when our Virtu vanities arrive.

I am surprised by the lack of reviews of these vanities online. I have scoured the internet and there is nothing to be found.

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Same stage/boat as you. We are renovating two bathrooms. Our Master Bath is quite tiny, and to squeeze the max amount of storage space out of a 36" wide vanity, figured we would go with kitchen height and width cabinet (every inch counts, right?) I need to store towels and cleaning supplies in there, we literally folded the towels and measured the amount of space we need. I am looking for a three drawer vanity with cut-outs in the top two drawers to fit around plumbing. I am thinking a vessel or half-vessel sink will also give me more storage room in the drawer. DH will do all the plumbing, so he will configure pipes, etc to give as much room as possible to clear the drawers.

We went to kitchen/bath cabinet places, and to have a 3 drawer base custom fitted with U-shaped drawers adds ~ $300 to each drawer! Am now looking at having the unit custom made from scratch. I think it may be less expensive, and I can pick the exact wood I would like.

Having said that, I know a few people who have ordered vanities from Costco, and have been happy with quality and price.

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Raehelen, we were going to remove a built-in linen closet and use a bottom drawer for towel storage. Our cabinetmaker could give us an 8" deep bottom drawer in the sink cabinet. He was also making the vanity 23" deep.

What I don't like about your photo is the sink takes away all your counter space. With an undermount sink, you can have a good amount of counter in a 36" vanity. I think I'm going with the 15" Kohler Caxton.

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Yes, Mayflowers, I agree about the vessel sink above. Photo was just for the drawers, (which I'm not sure if that vanity is 36" wide or not). But, I found with looking at vessel sinks (oval or round), that you actually gain counter space, cuz you have that little bit extra around the smaller part of the bowl. DH likes the square sink, but as he keeps telling me when I ask for his opinion, "whatever you want...". We are also planning to have a good sized medicine cabinet above sink, and a built in 8" deep cabinet over toilet. So I'll have alternate space for things that would be on a counter, but not really much other space to store towels. What I'm learning, and it is hard sometimes to stick to, (I can get so distracted by pretty, shiny things)is to figure out what I need and what I want.

BTW, I think we put the 15" Caxton in our basement vanity!

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Lol, lol, lol - this is not going well!!

Just receieved this:

"I'm sorry, this vanity with the Travertine top is out of stock and is expected to come back within 6-8 weeks. I currently only have this vanity available with the White Marble countertop, I've attached a picture. Let me know if you'd like to hold your order, switch to white marble, or cancel the order all together. I apologize for the inconvenience."

Needless to say white won't work, so now our second choice is ALSO on back order.

I cannot believe this!!

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Oh no Hoboken! I hope you can find an alternative.

My friend recommended Lowes for their stock vanities. She said they are holding up well after a few years with 4 kids. I saw the vanities and they look ok, but definitely not as nice as the Ronbow one, but not sure if the over $1000 price difference is worth it.

I plan to check out Lowes and semi custom Medallion. I have to admit that my heart is still set on Ronbow.

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DD2 and I looked at Lowe's and Home Depot. We both searched the internet for DAYS. L and HD quality in our area was pitiful - maybe it's different elsewhere?

I think since there isn't a boom in building, it just takes awhile now. No one keeps a large inventory, so they go quickly.

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I remodeled our guest bathroom about 2 years ago. We purchased a UM-3055 - Hazel 56" Virtu vanity.

It's nice quality and finish and comes with everything: sink, counter top, drain, faucet, mirror, cabinet. I thought it was a great deal for $1100 - as compared to buying individual components.

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My Virtu USA 60" Caroline vanity with carrera marble top and sinks just arrived. It is gorgeous. Even the contractor was impressed. This is the one I ordered, sight unseen, from the Home Depot online.

So far we've looked at the cabinet and it is beautifully finished and very solid. They're unpacking the top now.

Everything is packed beautifully according to my contractor. Will post pics when I can.

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Thank you for the update InfoDiva1. I am glad you are happy with your purchase. Are the drawers and doors soft close? Post pics when you can!

I priced out the Ronbow vanities. The 60" vanity with top and sinks is around $3300 and the 72" is $4000. To me that's a lot of money and not sure if it's worth it.

I am in the process of getting a quote for Medallion cabinets, but it would include 18" linen closets. I should receive the quote next week.

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I honestly don't know if they're soft close, and I won't know for a while. The contractor removed the doors and drawers to minimize the chance that they might be damaged when the plumber is doing his thing.

The doors did seem to have big, substantial hinges of some kind, though. Will let you know.

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The doors and drawers are all soft close on my Hazel vanity.

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Are they full-extension?

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doug_gb - I like the look of the hazel vanity, but would probably go with the caroline style for our colonial. It's good to hear that the Virtu cabinets have positive reviews. How is the vanity holding up after 2 years?

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I got some price quotes on Kemper, which is the same as Thomasville at HD and Diamond at Lowe's. They're all owned by Masterbrand. Prices are for a double sink 60" vanity with one 3 drawer bank. I priced a style called Lawton. It's a Shaker door with an extra bead inside the edge, slab drawer fronts. 1/2" plywood cabinet, maple dovetailed drawers, full extension, soft close Blum hardware. Furniture feet added to base. Made in the USA. 3-4 week wait time.

Stained cherry: $1173
Stained alder: $1095
Painted maple: $1254

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Hey, I'm an engineer. What is wrong with you gals?

Talk about insecurity: does it hold up? What the hell do you do to a vanity? Don't you think I'd say if there was something wrong with it.

How about full extension? Does it have soft closing drawers?

Do you people have nothing better to do in your lives than to collect specs?

Instead of reasonableness - you make psychosis!

Get over it - it's a vanity. Everything made by man has some faults. While I was just trying to help, you people have become exceedingly whacked out.

Good luck in finding the most perfect, cheapest, newest, best warantee vanity on the planet. I'm sure you will sleep better knowing you have drilled this to the ultimate extent.

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We have just ordered (and had delivered -- it's beautiful!) a 36" vanity from Strasser Woodenworks (made in the USA). We used a small one in an earlier bath remodel and LOVED it. No idea what the prices of larger ones might be. I think it was about $1K from a bath supply place (so somewhat discounted, probably comparable to a contractor's discount). The other brand we looked at was made (also in the US) by Westwood Comfort in California. We LOVE the Strasser -- beautifully made. Our local bath supply place uses their own supplier for the tops, so it came with a granite top from a local supplier, not one of the Strasser options. But for the smaller Strasser a few years ago, we got the "Eurolav" style with the vitreous china and it is just beautiful. Good luck with whatever you get!

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I have seen the Strasser on and really liked them. Thanks for the endorsement!

This post was edited by may_flowers on Fri, Feb 1, 13 at 22:15

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We just installed a virtu USA (huntshire) vanity from HD. Vanity Carrara marble top and mirror is $1000 for 36". It's beautiful. It will be in a powder room and we are empty nesters although we are starting to get grand kids. I think it was a good deal.

The first top developed a crack the second day it was installed. It wasn't even really installed as it wasn't fastened down to the vanity yet, just resting on it. HD sent another one a week later, no problem! I suspect there was a hairline crack that got bigger because of going from 5 degrees to 70 degrees when they brought it in from the garage. But the first one wasn't packed as well as the second for some reason.

I wouldn't hesitate about buying online from HD at all. But I do agree that some of their in stock items don't seem to be that we'll made.

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Our vanity has shipped! Option number 3 is on its way. : )
I'm a little nervous buying sight unseen but hopefully we'll like it. I'll post a pic and review quality when it arrives.

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@may_flowers: "Oh, doug, doug. Aren't you just the cutest thing?"

Now that get's me excited! Actually, most gals call me 'brutally handsome.'

All right, all right... The doors and drawers are soft close. The drawers are not full extension, but enough to access the contents without a problem. The cabinet had one fixed shelf that wasn't quite high enough for a really tall shampoo bottle (why do they package stuff like that?) I don't know what the countertop is made of - but it's some sort of vitrious material with the same composistion throughout. I had to notch it with my wet saw. It comes with everything including the lag bolts to hang it on the wall. They also included a set of legs - which I didn't use.

I opted to buy a finish grade 1 x 2 from HD, and mounted it on the wall, then rested the vanity on the 1x2 and used the lag bolts through the studs. Since you can't see the 1x2, I left it in place.

The drawers are removable - but it's really odd. In the back of the drawer, by each extension slide, there is a hole drilled - in the back of the drawer. There is a tab (in the rear of the extension slide) that matches the hole in the drawer, this tab captures the rear of the drawer and holds it in place.

In the front, underneath the drawer, there are tabs, that you pull toward the center of the drawer. Once released, just lift the drawer up and forward.

In the two years we've used it, it hasn't broken or exploded. We're married long enough that we didn't feel the need to have sex on it either. So we didn't test that aspect!

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See if anyone carries Showplace around you. I am a KD and found their vanity prices were very good. They also offer some furniture style ones that are really nice.

For a standard 72" cabinet has a 24" sink area, 15" stack of drawers in the middle and another 24" sink area:

Group A doors in a partial overlay; standard wood finishes.

$685 Base price for oak. Add 20% for cherry. If you want painted, they have paint grade material for 7% more plus paint charge of 5.5%. For taller height get an additional drawer and a taller cabinet.

Showplace is a semi-custom cabinet manufacturer that is nicer than Kraftmaid in terms of quality of cabinet and finish!

I just put in a furniture vanity from them...beaded inset cherry and it's stunning.


Here is a bath gallery

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Our vanity arrived today.

Curbside delivery which sucked in the freezing rain, but we got it in and it looks good.

From very preliminary checks it's looking pretty good. Full extension drawers and very solid. The top is not attached which for us is a good thing as I think we will use a different top. The carrara is lovely, but I'm not sure it would work in the bathroom.

It's identical to the one that is backordered everywhere. I figured it was the same one as that and they just had a way of getting it, but a couple of the features are slightly different so I guess it's not.

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Vanity Flair makes beautiful vanities in all styles and all sizes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vanity Flair

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I just wanted to give an update on my vanity choice since everyone was so helpful in offering suggestions. I did go with 2 Ronbow Torino vanities for my hall and master bathroom renovations. I looked at so many vanities online and so many looked nice, but I was nervous about purchasing without seeing it in person, making sure the top woul. match my tiles and checking the quality. the hall bath is almost completed and framing has started on the masterbath. I will pIyost pics soon!

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Seems like I'm a little late to the party since most of you guys seem to have already bought your vanities, but maybe you guys can help me out.

I've been considering buying a vanity from Kitchen Bath Collection for a condo I'm redoing. These guys are pretty affordable, for those who don't want to (or can't afford to) spend their whole remodel budget on a super high end vanity, but I don't really know much about them. Anyone have any experience with them?

Also, what brands do you guys think give you the most bang for your buck? I've checked out a few Virtu and Ronbow vanities, but the showrooms around here are pretty small. Either that, or the vanities are way out of my price range...

I appreciate any feedback and help I can get!

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I have recently purchased this bathroom vanity from home living style. They have a very nice collection of all types of home and office furniture and you an easily choose yours from their wide range and in your budget.

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Did hoboken or InfoDiva1 ever get their Virtu USA vanities? We are thinking of buying the Caroline 72" and wondered what you thought of the Virtu vanities?

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We purchased a Virtu Hazel 55" vanity, several years ago. It's a fine product.

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@aurorasur: I was actually at Virtu's warehouse/showroom last week checking their stuff out. The quality is pretty nice for the price you pay. I'd be careful about ordering from them online though because the guy there told me that they were having trouble with shipping damages (I believed him since the whole showroom was filled with damaged items that were returned).

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oops. I think i posted my reply to the wrong topic, but oh well. I just wanted to say that my friend purchased 2 Virtu vanities for her remodel and was very happy with them. The vanities were delivered without any issues and her GC was very impressed with the quality of the vanities.

I wasn't comfortable buying a vanity without seeing it in person. I went to a full service quality plumbing showroom that displayed Ronbow, Strasser, Fairmont and Virtu vanities (and a few others). All were well made and looked beautiful. I think Home Depot sells Virtu vanities. I would feel more comfortable buying it from them so it can be easily returned.

I was very nervous about shipping damages with my Ronbow vanities (vanity, countertop, backsplash, curio cabinet and sinks). It was a very large purchase for me, but all were packaged extremely well and undamaged. I would tend to believe all these large, well known vanity co's are used to online sales/deliveries. Just my two cents.

Auroasur - I took a peek at the Virtu Caroline vanity and think it's lovely!

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Most companies also kitchen cabinet vanity. For example, I have a bathroom vanity head dynasty design for the new showroom, but wait for the tiles to go first, or I could show pictures. But 95% of the companies have not been in vain and the Cabinet have the same ability to adapt what they do in their kitchen configurations.

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Has anyone had any experiences (bad or good) with Legion Furniture vanities by chance?

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I'm taking advantage of your efforts and look forward to checking out the vendors you've used. I wanted to reference doug_ob's comment/question about the holes drilled in the back of the cabinet & drawers: they are probably to place an electrical outlet behind the cabinet & power hairdryers and other chargeable bath appliances. We had our custom cabinetmaker for MB do the same for us. (I think ours cut a shorter back instead of a hole in the drawer & I'm sure someone handy can adapt any cabinet.) It is wonderful & keeps all those electric razors and hairdryers from piling up on top of your granite or marble! We placed a multi-plug surge protector in the drawer to keep the cords long enough. I'm glad to know its available in pre-made cabinets. Also reminds me to remember to remind contractor for my current remodels.

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We are going to remodel our small upstairs bathroom. I am wanting to buy a ready made vanity. Has anyone had any experience with a company named Bertch?


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I really like the Bertch vanity we have in the guest bathroom. I do not remember what we paid for it as we wrapped it into the total cost of the build for our house but I do remember considering custom and found this to be just as nice as some of the custom ones I looked at.

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Thanks Lotteryticket! I have priced a custom cabinet from the guy that made our kitchen cabinets and I cannot justify paying that amount for just a base. I looked at all the normal places and could not find one that I liked and finally found exactly what I wanted for half the cost of a custom. I appreciate your input!

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Recently bought a Virtu Winterfell 36" vanity (without countertop)from Home Depot because the ability to return to local store with no charges. Went that route because I could not find a single example of this brand in a city of 1M+. Probably 5% higher than other lowest internet alternative without that generous return option. I'm a furniture quality snob who occasionally makes his own furniture and built ins. I'm quite particular.

Time didn't allow me the "build it myself" option this time. In short the packaging and build quality was very good and quite acceptable. It is a bathroom vanity by the way and isn't going to get worked as hard as a kitchen. But regardless, the piece is solid with sturdy joinery. I'm not going to say it's as smooth as a ronbow but IMHO the 2x-3x of a ronbow makes no sense unless you're hemorrhaging money.

I didn't like the pulls and we plan to replace and the false drawer front to actual drawer connection makes that a little difficult to change (but not impossible). This pertains to a CON for the piece. The knobs attach by a wood screw from the back being screwed into the knob rather than a threaded bolt. That seems like a cheap connection that's likely to fail in the long run. On the drawers you can't access that knob screw head because the head is concealed by the drawer body. You have to take off the false drawer front (a few screws from the backside) to get access to that screw head. Stupid design. They should have it so that someone could easily screw out a normal bolt of a regular knob and replace to one our liking. In reality, I wish they would ship the piece with zero knobs and then I could put whatever type of handle (for instance a bar handle with two holes) although I understand that would drive away people who can't figure out how to put a handle on a drawer front (sad commentary on general public).

The espresso finish is very nice, deep, rich, and consistent. The hinges are only a 110 degree type but that's probably OK for the intended use. The undermount soft close drawer slides see very nice...not Blum...but a decent knockoff and smooth running.

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