Anyone love their Capital Precision range?

taeelJanuary 31, 2012

I'm seriously considering the 36" range, but while there's lots of love for the CC, I don't get the same feel for the Precision. Anyone love theirs?

Also, do you get the self clean or not? I wasn't planning on doing a self-clean but am thinking that using the rotisserie without self cleaning might be a pain.


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Why wouldn't you want the culanarian? The presicion doesn't have the same cult following cause its the same as every other pro style range available. The CC is in the high powered open burner club that has only 3 members...actually, more like 2 and a half members, as the american range is only available in 30 and 36 inch sizes.

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The Precision is a very good sealed burner range. I have a CC. A few years ago, when I started looking at ranges, the CC wasn't available. But after doing a lot of research, I had narrowed it down to a Precision. At the time, I thought it was the best value in sealed burner ranges, balancing features, quality and price.

Then I found out that there was a high BTU open burner range rated for residential use and I totally switched gears, focusing on the BS. By the time I was ready to purchase a range, the CC had come out. I was excited that it was a range and brand that I was already familiar with, since the CC was built on the Precision platform. Having used my CC for a few months now, I think the Precision platform is very good.

One thing to note is that rotisserie is only available with self-clean. I think that's the same for both CP and CC. I have the CC self-clean and the cleaning feature works very well.

If you can't fit a CC or any open burner range in the budget, I think the Precision is still a great value.

There's at least one other GW member, beekeeperswife, who had a Precision. May she will see this thread and comment.

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I own a Precision, which was bought prior to the Culinarian being accounced, and I am extremely pleased with it. If you search you should find a number of older posts discussing it. For the most part people seemed to share my very positive impression. There was an issue at one point with burner valves not being properly adjustable and with small pots tipping due the grate design. The valve issue was repairable and was no longer an issue by the time I bought my range. The grates were apparently redesigned to deal with the tipping problem. I have the old grates and I own one small pot that I have to be careful with but it's never actually tipped and my understanding is that the new design solves this in any event. The flame pattern is directed towards the outside of pots on higher heat, as is typical of sealed burners, but the burner circumfrence is smaller than many sealed burners.

I find that if one uses fully clad cookware and errs on the side of wider pots you can use high hear while keeping the flames under the pot instead of up the sides, harnessing most of the 19K BTU's with reasonably even heat across the bottom. I recently bought some fully clad Henckell pots that are a bit wider than the All Clad pots of the same volume, and they are working very well for me. My old disk bottom pots wehere fine on the old Frigidaire builder's grade range, but on the Precisions the heat would be less even and I would get burning on the edges of the disk where the bottom met the sides. This is no longer a problem.

My one complaint, which I have mentioned in another post, is cleaning the burner caps and the metal rings surrounding the burners (meant to protect the stainless finish). They are a blueish porcelain coated (I think) metal. Grease burns on and polymerizes on them - and sticks like bark to a tree. Capital recommended soaking them with Dawn and I have tried all manner of degreaser but nothing seems to budge it. The same thing happens on the burner grates themselves, but the grates have a blacker finish so it's not nearly as noticeable. It remains a great looking applaince and I've reconciled myself to the fact that it looks like a range someone uses to cook.

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We've had our 30" Capital Precision range since October, and it is great. No problems at all. Have cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 14, baked cookies and pies, made the traditional Super Bowl Chili, brewed beer, etc.

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My 30 Capital Precision is due tomorrow. After reading all the discussion over the simmer problems with the CC I am hoping the Precision doesn't suffer a similar problem, as I loved the simmer burner of my old GE range which I sold today. I will be happy to report out once I get cooking on my new range.

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