do you think it is an antique , where i should sell it ?

maya1234July 4, 2012

i have an orignal print for Fred Bees ,it called "old Moravian chapel" , it is signed and framred and the back of the frame has the fred bees name , adress and # & year , it also has a small line underneaght the pic says " presented to Dr Howard kuhn by the lehigh valley chapter of ASM I"

thanks for your time .

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lindac's not an antique because the picture was painted in 1977.
First you need to determine if it's a giclee or litho.
Then sell it....Bethlehem Pa. would be the best place.
But be aware that his framed prints aren't bringing much....maybe $20 to $35.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Moravian chapel

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It won't be giclee if it was printed in 1977. That term originated in the '90s.

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The picture the print was made from was painted in 1977....don't know when the print was made.
And while the term was originated in the 90's the ink jet printer was in use well before that.

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I don�t know why but I don�t see any antique in this frame.

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If you go to Fred Bee's site, the gliclee and the offset litho are about the same price at $65 and $50, and the framed print is $165.00. Dr. Kuhn is a very well known and respected speaker and author in metallurgical circles.

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Susan Miller, This is an "Antiques & Collectibles" forum so doesn't have to be 100 yrs old!! Many things less than 100 yrs old have great value- Andy Warhol stuff for example!!(did the Campbell's tomato soap can among other things) Some of his paintings go for a fortune,even more since he died!! If you had 1 of his items you would sure like someone to tell you it had worth!!I've learned a lot on this forum.

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The price on the site are for selling "new" from that site. From what I can find the secondary market is not that great.

Sad as it may be....there is not a lot of demand for those prints.

Sure, many things in frames have great value....but I am sorry this is not one of them.

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