Taking out Fiberglass Shower...Has Anyone Done This?

colorblind1961January 27, 2014

We unfortunately were the victims of frozen pipes last week in our Master Bath. They froze and broke.....water everywhere. After the plumber and remediation guys got done, we thought this would be a good time to yank out our Fiberglass Surround and put in a tiled shower ourselves.

Has anyone ever attempted this? Is this a DIY Project?

Thanks everyone!

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Taking out the FG shower is the easy part!

Easy enough to cut in half with a saw...DH figured it HAD to fit through the door...he was wrong! LOL

Tiled shower yourselves? We are fairly competent DIY'ers. We have basically gutted and renoed our whole house (1 bathroom left to go). We just finished tiling the shower yesterday, and it's the first time DH has said, I will never do that again! We now have huge respect for good tilers! Our BR reno was delayed by a huge landscaping project this summer. We dug out and laid an ~1000 sg ft paver patio...the shower was harder...

Having said that, there are lots of people here willing to help walk you through the process. Mongoct was invaluable, he is an excellent teacher, so patient, and willing to explain every detail.

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DEstruction is always easier than CONstruction. It's DIYable for someone with average skills and who owns enough tools and has enough time. Only you know if you have the patience to do the project.

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There are some very detailed YouTube videos of removing them. Snooze alert!

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Building and tiling a shower is very do-able, and not that hard as long as you have patience and are willing to research the proper methods. John Bridge forum is a great place to get lots of individual advice on your project.

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