Favorite low to mid price range beer?

Erik_z7b_ALOctober 13, 2002

What is your your favorite cheap or regular price beer?I'm talking about anything from the cheapest stuff they make up to about 6 bucks a six pack.I like alot of the higher priced stuff,but rarely buy it anymore.For my cheap beer,I like pabst blue ribbon better than the other cheap brands,and I like original coors for my regular priced beer,but most of them will do,they all taste almost the same anyway.I've tried most of high priced imports(at least the ones I can find around here),and I like most of them.I think if I could afford any beer I wanted,I'd drink alot of guinness,and beck's and warsteiner.

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My favorite cheap beer is Rainier or Henry Weinhardts. These may be local to the northwest, I'm not sure. I can usually get a case of Rainier for 7 bucks. Bars here serve mainly expensive microbrews, but some have Henry's and it is always a lot cheaper than the micros. As for mid-priced beers, I like Coors Light, Bud, and High Life. As long as it tastes watered-down I like it. I can't drink thick, bitter beers.

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Busch Light and Yuengling Lager, occasionally Coors Light; will probably try the new Michelob Ultra

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Another vote for Yuengling Lager. I also like LaBatts Blue, Molson Golden and Moosehead.


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The cheapest I'll go is MGD or Miller Lite, more often I'll pick up a 12 of Rolling Rock. Mid-range, Shiner Blonde or Bock ($10/12 pack) is my "everyday" choice. I watch for St Pauli Girl on sale, or Hornsby's Hard Cider, and as a treat, something from the Celis brewery.

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Rainer is good cheap beer.

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Busch Light isn't too bad for $10 for 18 pack!

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MGD or Coors. Never understood the point of any light beer.

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National Bohemian(natty boh), a Baltimore brewed pale ale. Usually would run you about $5-6 a 12pk of cans.

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cheap - Rolling Rock, nothing like an ice cold one on an extremely hot day. A bit more - Stella Artois - expensive -Chimay for fall or heavier meals and Hoegarden for lighter meals.

I am not a beer drinker, but the ones listed above would be what I would drink if I felt like a beer with a meal.

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Depends upon your taste. I find American and Asian commercial beers to be at best tasteless fixes for thirst. Water is usually a better choice. I can't find any microbrews for less than about $7 for a 6-pack. But generally I make it myself for about $3 and it is better than anything I can buy - if I do say so myself...

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