fall drink suggestions for 50th Bday party

valarie_1958September 1, 2008

need suggestion for beverage.it is a fall themed party. there will be an open bar but would like to have a specialty drink that looks nice. with or without alcohol is ok

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Seeing as how it is a Fall themed party maple syrup comes to mind. How about a Maple Leaf?

Shake together 2 parts bourbon, 1 part lemon juice, and a teaspoon of maple syrup. Pour into a martini glass.

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No ideas at the moment, but make sure you collect the car keys. The Maple Leaf sounds like stiff drink!

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How about hot spiced drinks? Mulled wine. Hot apple cider. Either with or without booze. I suggest apple schnapps for cider or wine. Lemon infused vodka or rum can go well too. Hot Toddies made with bourbon, are great for fall or holidays. Hot Buttered Rum crosses seasons too. Make all of these from scratch. It's easy. Mixes are crap.

If some of your guests do not care for hot drinks how about making traditional a Old Fashion. Make from scratch. Use a cinnamon stick for a stir stick and float and orange slice for garnish.

Another cold drink for fall is the Moscow Mule (Vodka and Ginger Beer plus lime).

I would offer guests drinks that they just can't get at the average bar. Something that will get them to take notice and remember, but something that isn't too wacky and seems soothing and homey.

Although more of a winter holiday drink, I think you could do hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Or with Irish Cream.

Is this just a cocktail party with nibbles or is there going to be a meal? You have to match your menu to the spicy sweeter drinks.

If you limit your drink menu to drinks the guests have not tried before, guests tend to drink less. Not that they don't enjoy them, but they tend to savor them rather than guzzle. It saves money and you don't have to worry about "Bill" or "Bob" knocking back fifteen gin and tonics, or whatever 'their' drink is.

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