fun drink recipe for card night?

nicole93089September 12, 2006

Does anyone have a fun drink idea (besides beer and wine) for a coed card playing night? I thought maybe martinis, but too labor intensive (shaking that shaker all night!) and I stink at making them and don't have enough glasses. There will be 20 of us and the food (appetizers) will be Italian inspired. any ideas? thanks!

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What about cocktails that you can prepare in large batches and serve from pitchers? Like sangria or a fun punch? (Punch always conjures mental images for me of old women at bridal showers, but it is certainly a practical beverage. Maybe if you skip the flowery bowl and ladle set-up?)

You could mix bastches of margaritas or something in the blender between hands.

sorry - none of this is very Italian.

If you want to realy go fun, I've been experimenting with homemade chocolate vodka recently. (Would probably need a cocktail shaker though - details below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate Vodka

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