Dr. Brandt Crease Eraser?

lilathabitMay 5, 2004

On Live with Regis and Kelly, Kelly said she's been using the Dr. Brandt Crease Eraser.

I have to say she looked good. She swore she did not have any Restylane or Botox treatments.

I realize that it could have been a covert product plug, but I was wondering if it was indeed any good.

If not, can you recommend anything else? I have 2 large eyebrow wrinkles that make me look a bit angry or tired. I am also worried about puffy undereye lids.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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Well, I feel like a dumb-a__. In Touch magazine this issue feature celebrity plastic surgery - and they think Kelly Ripa has had botox done. Oh well, wishful thinking.

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Have you seen Dr Brandt on QVC? He is one scary looking creature!? Almost looks like a corpse to me - wouldn't dare buy any products from someone who looks like that!

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Unfortunately YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!! so sad you have to judge a book by its cover, his products are amazing and I have met him. He is a very remarkable derm! Truly the best skin regimine Ive ever been on...I was`just surfin wish I responded 3 yrs ago!

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