freezing coffee beans

brownthumbiaSeptember 27, 2010

I'm not sure I'm in the right room for this but here goes. The grocery store that I shop at has a 'clearance bin' in the store and they have put some of the coffee in this bin. I looked at the expiration date and it will be outdated in Oct. It's in the plastic container they all come in these days. I am wondering if I would buy some, would it stay okay if I stored it in the freezer until I use it? Personally, I had no idea that coffee would be outdated. Didn't even know it had a date on it. They really have a good price on it and would hate to pass it up if it's okay. Thanks for your help. BT

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Here is some info on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: freezing coffee

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Most coffee in vacuum has a 9 month self life.
Never had coffee that was frozen to taste bad, but my coffee is less then 7 days old, as I work in the roasting plant( for many years now) & can buy it the same week it is finished.
The new way to store coffee is in a gas flush to keep it from getting old. This can be completed the same day or with in minutes roasting & grinding.
Like a lot of site the above link is true, but out dated.
Degassing so the can/bag will not balloon from gas is a thing of the past for most coffee in the USA.
ALL the big coffee producers are now using gas flush to hold the coffee fresh until opened, then it will age as if you have just ground it.

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Whole beans in freezer is fine, ..I just take some out and grind then put in a can which last about 2 or 3 weeks.

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It is all about flavor / taste. If you never knew that coffee expired, my guess is you probably won't mind the taste of frozen coffee beans. I love coffee like some people love a fine wine. I (hope) to notice the nuances of different flavors in the coffee. Those flavors are most present when the coffee is freshly roasted and freshly ground. For me coffee taste stale after it has been opened for about a week. If you don't particularly notice if coffee tastes old - lucky you! Enjoy the sale, and buy tons and freeze it=).

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