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Jenny_ILMay 7, 2003

I have tried quite a few over the past few months and was wondering if anyone else has tried them or any other new products.

Vita Ks At home chemical peel kit this one I like, I've never had a non at home chemical peel so I really don't have much to compare it to. It made my skin feel a little tight but really clean

Neutrogena's Radiance Eye Boost I like it so far it seems to reduce puffiness that I get under my eyes

Neutrogena's Hydrating Facial I bought it a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to use it

Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with light tint. I REALLY like this, it gives me a nice not overdone glow and works well with the new highlighting powder I've been using

Physicians Formula Multi Reflective Face Powder I don't need pressed powder with this I just apply it right after the tinted moisturizer and get a nice summer look

L'oreal Featherlash I found this and I don't know how long I'd had it for so I thought I would give it a try WOW this stuff works great on my lashes. It comes out thin and really separates and thickens my lashes

Vaseline's Healthy Body Complexion Lotion This one I didn't like. It seemed VERY thick and I tried it after I shaved and it stung a little. It does smell nice though

Schick Intuition Razor I'm kinda iffy on this one. I did like it because it did give me a good shave but the head of the razor is kinda big and awkward and you have to be under running water the whole time maybe it would work better in the bath. After I was done with one shaving Legs, upper and lower, Arms and underarms it was pretty much time for a new head and they are pretty expensive at least where I've seen them.

Got2B Sea Salt Body Scrub It smells good and made my skin super soft, the only problem was the washcloth that I was using was part white and it stained it yellow pretty bad.

L'oreal VIVE Smooth-Intense Shampoo and Conditioner and Anti-Frizz Serum I did not like any of these even just the shampoo and conditioner with out the serum made my hair greasy and weighed it down, but again it does smell nice

Matrix Glow Trix This was recommended to me by the lady who cuts and dyes my hair. I love it I could go on and on about how well this works for my flyaways, you only need a little bit and it really works great! Both me and my boyfriend really like the smell of it which last in my hair all day as well as the shine it give me without making my hair greasy. If I notice any flyways during the day I just lightly moisten my fingers and revive it and its good for the rest of the day.

L'oreal Body Expertise Hydra Fresh Spray Lotion and Exfotonic Body Scrub I've been using both of these for a few months now and have bought them over and over. The spray lotion is better then any other I've tried. It goes on light and absorbs quick also keeps my skin soft all day until my next shower. The body scrub is excellent, I highly recommend both of these to anyone they make my skin feel not only soft and clean but heathly and the lotion is great right after shaving. They are a little expensive the lotion is 11.00 (the bottle last a while) and the scrub is 15.00 (doesn't last as long as the lotion) I would say for 1 bottle of lotion I go through 2 maybe even 3 jars of the scrub. The scrub is also great on my sandal wearing feet.

That's all I can think of now. I hope everyone else has some good products that they've tried. I look forward to hearing about all of them!

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This is not new, but really great stuff. I have very thick hair that tangles easily when wet. Combing it out after a shower is never fun. The *best* conditioner that leaves me with no tangles is Infusium 23. A quarter sized amount for my shoulder length hair is plenty.

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I thought of a product I like: Cover Girl Smoothers. It's a tinted moisturizer. On days when I'm home, I use it instead of a full face of make up. Throw on the moisturizer, a couple eyebrows, lipstick and call it "done."

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Sally Hansen Hand creme in the orange tube is for reducing age spots and aged hands. I don't use it for that purpose. I put it on my feet and heels and it gets rids of the roughness and prickly dead skin after a few uses. Before using this, I was constantly scrapping the dead skin off with that PED thing followed by the sanding paper to smooth the dead skin. Not anymore. This stuff is a keeper. I have to get another tube.

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Batia & Aleeza complete hair care solutions

They turned my freezy curly hair into fabulous easy to manage hair. I used to spend hours to style it with 6 different products and now I just shampoo and condition my hair twice a week and use the styling gel every day to create the style I want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Batia & Aleeza Natural Hair Solutions

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I've tried some citrus perfumes for the first time and am completely satisfied. I have used DKNY's delicious line perfume. Anyone have some other fragrances that they want to suggest?

Here is a link that might be useful: beauty fragrances

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