are they gel nails????

aimzybabeMay 13, 2006

i got my nails done on holiday in america last year and i was told that they were gel nails. i have found a local salon which use the same things for the nails and i was wondering if someone could tell me if they were gel or a different type. firstly they filed and cut my natural nails right down and put a white tip to each of them. they then used a purple liquid and a white powder to make this gooey stuff which they coated on my nail and over the tip to make it even and shiny. they then dried them with a light which i think was UV if someone could please tell me if they were gel nails i'd really apreciate it. Thanks

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Yes .. it sounds like gel nails..

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Gel nails are not mixed with a powder. It sounds like you have acrylic nails.

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